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LIT UPista: Da Vinci’s Tiger + Semifreddo Bellini

Title: Da Vinci’s Tiger Author: L. M. Elliott Sub Box: OwlCrate, December 2015   Drink: Bellini Let’s switch this up and start with a drink so you can get good and toasted while we look at a book! I don’t think there were really cocktails in 15th century Italy, but I could be full of wine wrong. So, I looked up “Italy 15th century cocktail” and… Read more →

LIT UPista: A Farewell to Nunga Nungas + Soundless + Wine

Title: Soundless Author: Richelle Mead Sub Box: OwlCrate, November 2015   I want to start with a bit of sad news. Louise Rennison: 1951-2016 One of my favorite authors passed away this week. I was quite surprised, and wanted to write a little bit about her. My favorite famous people need to stop dying =( In high school I found the book Angus, Thongs, and… Read more →

LIT UPista: Not If I See You First + Vermouth Cocktail

Title: Not If I See You First Author: Eric Lindstrom Sub Box: Uppercase, December 2015 I finished this in January, and SURPRISE! it’s February, but I’ve been busy and forgot I had this post! I like books, and I like alcohol, and because I was trying to do book reviews but also drink + book overviews and do not have time for both, I’m… Read more →