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Saturday Trash Talky Talk

Every Saturday We get trashed together and drag out our empties. Join in on the fun and send me your stash: mailboxjunkie808@gmail dot com MJ trashy trash: Juice Organics Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner Box: Good Being I know… Sadly it was a light week. My current problem is that a lot of the beauty boxes I am subbing to send… Read more →

Saturday Trash Talk-So Much Empty Trash!

Was up! (That is what we say here in Hawaii) Send me your trash pics and opinions! mailboxjunkie808 @ gmail dot com So these days I belong to Team No Sleep… So my empties stash is lacking this week but Onderria’s is awesome so we have a great post for ya! Coops Salted Caramel Sauce (BoxWalla Food Box) This is the… Read more →

Saturday Trash Talk-Packed bags and Swaps

Lets get Trashy! Or in the case of this week-you get a mish mash. But everyone loves trash so send me your empty pics as well as you thoughts to be featured: mailboxjunkie at gmail dot com. This week I had to pack a bag: for the hospital! If you have been following any of my posts then you know… Read more →

Saturday Trash Talk-A threesome

Trash Talk is all about stuff we are using or throwing away for various reasons. Do you want in on sharing your empties and seeing your opinions aired on the inter-webs?!? Email me at: mailboxjunkie808 at gmail dot com to get in on this trash pile extravaganza! This week we are three gals and three cans! Mailbox Junkie (that’s me!):… Read more →

Saturday Trash Talk-Leap year

Is anyone else getting really excited about Leap Day? The fantastical mystical day that only occurs every 4 years! No, Leap day and Trash Talk are not at all related…… but I am still excited! Before we get started: Send me your trashy photos and reviews to be on this weekly series. It doesn’t matter if it is one empty… Read more →

Saturday Trash Talk-Empties and Old Make-up (like really old)

Nobody likes trash more than me! So send me your empties pics and reviews for posting!! mailboxjunkie808 at gmail dot com I cleaned out a bunch of makeup/skincare and so this is an empties/declutter post. I am tossing old stuff as well as products that don’t work well or have yucky stuff in them. 1st up: Empties! Aura Cacia: Box:… Read more →

Saturday Trash Talk on Empties

No this is not a scene from Walking Dead I promise. It’s just me doing my best zombie Impression. I promise this is the last mask shot. But I mean, I could totally be an extra right now for Walking Dead. I of course would stalk Darrell. I mean, come on. No question! It was a Popsugar kind of week.… Read more →