Month: March 2016

Petit Vour Subscription Review – March 2016

Subscription: Petit Vour AKA known here as “Fighting Bunnies” Cost: $15 a month (1, 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions available) What to Expect: Sample, Deluxe, and Full Size items. From Petit Vour “Typically, 1 color item, 1 hair item or fragrance, 1 skincare item and 1 body care item (the typical value $30-40).” Kick Back and Get Comfortable: Like toddler… Read more →

We Make Collective Subscription Box Review – February 2016 part 1

Subscription: We Make Collective Cost Levels [currency converted from British Pounds to USD on 03/30/16, though I can only find how to get the regular sub now so I’m not sure if the other options still exist]: £30 [$43.03] every other month: subscription £35 [$50.20] one time kit purchase [sub box + 5GBP shipping] What to Expect: “We Make Kits are not… Read more →

Good Being Subscription UnBoxing Video Review-March 2016

Good Being Box (formerly Goodebox) 1. Ships free monthly for $21 2. Includes a mixture of full, deluxe and trial of all natural beauty samples 3. 4-5 products per box 4. Retail value for March: $63.50! You Tube Video: Note first 36 seconds are the items and the rest are opinions: Product Breakdown: Me to We Rafiki Bracelet (Rv $10) Pangea… Read more →

Home Chef Subscription Box Review + Coupon (Sirloin Steak with Sauce Robert) – March 2016

Subscription: Home Chef Cost:  Starts at $9.99 per serving (minimum 2 servings). Majority of selections are $9.99, some upgrades are a little more (i.e., $14.99) There are typically 10 serving selections per week (entrees, breakfast, smoothie, appetizer, fruit) and you can select the number of servings for each selection (2, 4 or 6 servings) Click HERE to get $30 off your first week… Read more →

Hippie Hobby Subscription Box Review-March + Coupon!

Disclosure: I received this box free for my open, honest and hilarious opinion.  Box: The Hippie Hobby Cost: $23.95 Shipping: Free as a bird Theme: Eco-Friendly Craft Box Contents: Everything you need to complete craft with an emphasis on natural or recycled materials Frequency: Every other month Coupon for $7 off your first box: SUBBOX7 Open Sesame! Part of subscription box… Read more →

Popsugar Must Have Special Edition Review Resort Box

Popsugar Must Have Special Edition Review: Resort Box – March 2016

Popsugar’s regular subscription is one of my most favorites to get each month! They also do Special Edition boxes which are a one time deal. Often about $100 to $150, these boxes usually have a bit more luxury and fit a theme. It does feel that they are doing more and more “Special Editions” then they used to do… making… Read more →

Hampton’s Lane Subscription Box Review + Coupon: Crepes – March 2016

Hampton’s Lane is a subscription that helps you realize your culinary fantasies. Obviously not the one where you are canoeing in a chocolate lake while fishing for marshmallow fish… That would be a super weird subscription. No, this one deals with your secret desire to cook up culinary delights in your own kitchen that are so good your loved ones… Read more →

Sunday Morning Coffee Talk: What? It’s a holiday?

Ah Politics and Religion…..Something we are hearing a lot about these days whether we like it or not. Here in America we celebrate the amazing freedom to believe whatever we want. If you don’t believe me than check out the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Today is a special day for many around the world but for some it… Read more →

Saturday Trash Talk-Packed bags and Swaps

Lets get Trashy! Or in the case of this week-you get a mish mash. But everyone loves trash so send me your empty pics as well as you thoughts to be featured: mailboxjunkie at gmail dot com. This week I had to pack a bag: for the hospital! If you have been following any of my posts then you know… Read more →

Orange Glad Sweet Box Subscription Review + Coupon – March 2016

Disclosure: Referral link in this post that when clicked will save you $10 and put $10 in my account. Orange Glad Sweet Box is a subscription that allows you to get all those fashionable cavities you have been wanting but just haven’t had the time to get. They strive to bring interesting and gourmet sweets right to your doorstep all… Read more →