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The Box by LE (formerly Decoterie) Holiday Box Coupon – One Day Only

Disclosure: There are no affiliate links in this post. I removed all links that tie back into my email. ETA: I read this quickly the first time. I reread it quickly again. I would not interpret the picture as a representation of items that come in the holiday box. Also non-annual subscribers need to sign back up if they wish… Read more →

The Box by LE (formerly known as Decoterie) Subscription Box Review – Autumn 2015

Disclosure: There are no affiliate links/referral links in this post. The box was paid for by me. Background: The Autumn 2015 box is here. I decided to purchase the autumn box based on the spoilers even though the Decoterie Summer Box was not a fit for me color-wise. I liked the spoilers and took the risk of purchasing the autumn… Read more →