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The Epic Quest for: a natural foundation-eps 4

This post is coming very quickly after episode 3 but Popsugar Must Have sent out one of their products this month plus a 20% off coupon (that expires March 15th 2016). ¬†Plus the company itself is doing a promo called #makeupmondays in which they are offering tutorials and all sorts of gifts with purchase. ***Here is their promo for 2/29:¬†#MAKEUPMONDAY… Read more →

The Epic Quest for: a natural foundation-eps 3

A quest is by definition a long and arduous search. Which when I started this search, it seemed like it would be. To find a foundation that neutralizes my hyper-pigmentation without the use of heavy chemicals seemed impossible. For the likes of these brown patches, it seemed like you would need 50 ingredients and none of them would be recognizable… Read more →