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Happy Caturday: Bella Opens a Summer Cat Lady Box

Hey cat lovers! I was looking through my Dropbox and found some pictures from this summer when I briefly got the Crazy Cat Lady Box! It’s not really a review, just cat pictures… purrrfect for Caturday. And to cat haters: I found a tiny crab picture for you =) First we had to rile her up because Bella seemed a bit too excited… Read more →

Happy Caturday!

We love to celebrate the kitties who claim the boxes from our subscriptions! Here are Farmcats in Action!   They just can’t resist a good cardboard… Sub Bella’s Beauties!  Hope all is well! Puss in Boot and Little Lamb took turns looking out the window. They are waiting for the mail to arrive. Little Lamb wants to see too!!! Zelda… Read more →

Happy Caturday!~

Good morning to ya! Here at Supscriptionista we loooove to celebrate the kitties beyond the screens. So that is why we celebrate CATURDAY! Farmcat: Butterscotch doing kitty yoga. Sophia Von Bearcat de Coronado: Sophia von Bearcat de Coronado is BEYOND disappointed that she did not win the Powerball! She was planning on that money to buy a very beautiful rug… Read more →

Happy Caturday!

Here at Subscriptionista we celebrate the furry friends that share our excitement in boxes. Ahem, we like the contents and they like the boxes…like the acutal boxes. Case in point: Little Lamb Little Lamb is laying in a box that contained a Moon Valley Organic Product. He even kept the string! He is famed for going crazy over Moon Valley Organics. Herbal… Read more →

Happy Caturday!

Here at we celebrate the furry felines (and pups too!) that support the sub box addicts. Caturday is when we let them shine!: First up: LC (sadly, she sent me these a while ago but somehow they got buried under spam from Gilt, Dermstore, and etc (from whom I have since unsubscribed!!!): Gizmo!!!! Here’s pics of my fur baby,… Read more →

Happy Caturday!

Happy Caturday to you all from the kitties of Subscriptionista. That’s right. We recognize the felines (or any pets) that support the readers of this blog. Farm Cat’s Starla She wants to welcome you to Caturday!! How beautiful are her markings?!? Sub Bella’s Garfield: Waiting for the mailman is hard work….. Email me pics of your support pet to be… Read more →

Happy Caturday

Here at, we love ourselves, each other and each other’s pets. One of our readers, Dayle, inspired this post when she created this meme that said Happy Caturday! So of course, this had to become a weekly post where we celebrate the hard working cats of who loving get into our sub box lives in all sorts of… Read more →