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Taco Bout It Tuesday: December Holidays for 2016

Hello!! Welcome to the new year. Are you settling in okay? I took a small hiatus to just be truly lazy after I handed in my last paper. Did you make any New Years goals, aspirations, resolutions, or dream boards? Mine were the typico goals of losing weight, going outside more, and doing more crafts… …and spending less money… What… Read more →

Taco Bout It Tuesday: 2nd Annual Subscription Box Nominations 2016

Sorry about the late posting! It’s finals week for grad school and pre-finals week for work school, so I forgot this week. Last year we did a round-up of our favorites and I want to do that again this year and see what ya’ll loved and what you used to start your winter fires =) I’ll be burning all of… Read more →

Taco Bout It Tuesday: Backflips and Turkeys

Welcome! Are you tired of looking at polls and stats and prediction makers? Well, let’s taco-bout something different! This week, my siblings and I flew/drove to my parents’ state to visit. Tonight we had early Thanksgiving, which is the first time in eight years we have been together around this time of the year to celebrate it! All five of us… Read more →

Taco Bout It Tuesday: October Festivities

Hey, gluten-free girls and guys! How was your weekend?   Did you spend it celebrating Diwali? Perhaps you had a staring contest with the inside of your eyelids? Did you find a really cool costume and spend Monday eating all of the candy so it wouldn’t go to waste after your 3 trick-or-treaters stopped by? Or did you dress your pets up?? Farmgirl did,… Read more →

Taco-bout It Tuesday: Tardigrades

I shut off my Facebook for a few days to have one less distraction while I was trying to get some difficult homework done. I reactivated it to see something and WHAM! political arguments that left me in regret. SO! Let’s taco-bout something else! Instead of writing a Coffee Talk on Sunday, I went to Geek Girl Con in Seattle… Read more →

Sunday’s Coffee Talk: How Do You Keep Your Beauty Stash Organized?

Mailbox Junkie is away on vacation so I thought I would give the Sunday talk post a whirl, though no one does it better than her!!! I am chronically always behind on everything. Usually blog stuff, and of course home organizing. Let’s just say that I am messy and always have been. After I am done with work, I just… Read more →

Sunday Morning Coffee Talk-Pick or Skip Boxes

So just this week I found out that Pearlesque box (Reviewed by Farmcat HERE), has a pick or skip option. I have been watching this subscription for awhile and been really impressed but have not yet signed up because the couple months after Farmcat’s review haven’t interested me (Jaya Beauty and now for August-Juice Beauty) but I was really impressed… Read more →