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Taco Bout It Tuesday: October Festivities

Hey, gluten-free girls and guys! How was your weekend?   Did you spend it celebrating Diwali? Perhaps you had a staring contest with the inside of your eyelids? Did you find a really cool costume and spend Monday eating all of the candy so it wouldn’t go to waste after your 3 trick-or-treaters stopped by? Or did you dress your pets up?? Farmgirl did,… Read more →

Happy Caturday: Bella Opens a Summer Cat Lady Box

Hey cat lovers! I was looking through my Dropbox and found some pictures from this summer when I briefly got the Crazy Cat Lady Box! It’s not really a review, just cat pictures… purrrfect for Caturday. And to cat haters: I found a tiny crab picture for you =) First we had to rile her up because Bella seemed a bit too excited… Read more →

No Mail Monday Chatter

Happy Labor Day! Any big plans? I plan to see Pixels with my older son and later head over to the local orchard to try out different hard cider flavors. I plan to have Saturday Empties, Kitchen HG, Sunshine Crate Accessories Review, and maybe a couple quick reviews up. I miscalculated the party preparation time  versus blogging time.   Don’t… Read more →

Sub Box Chatter

It’s fun to chitchat. I’m leaving this post open for comments on whatever is on your mind. Great boxes, shipping problems, or anything else on your mind. Maybe you had a couple days like mine and wanted to relax and not think.  Here are a few photos and questions to help you out! I’m going to use the third person… Read more →