Marvel Collector Corps Villain Subscription Box Review – October 2015

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I signed up for the Marvel Collector Corps Funko Box the minute I found out about it. This box is the fourth box.

Subscription: Marvel Collector Corps

Cost: $25.00/ every two months plus $6.95 shipping per box. I pay by PayPal.

What to Expect: This box is a partnership between Marvel and Funko.  Items included are a t-shirt, collectibles, and accessories. The shirts are men athletic fit and range from XS- 3X. Marvel Collector Corps has a t-shirt size chart to ensure proper fit.

Note: The December theme is Guardians of the Galaxy, which closes on 12/4. I did not see a trailer for the December box.



The inside of the box is printed with comics. Opening this box is a fun experience for a Marvel fan.


Badge and Pin
Patch and Pin

A patch and pin are included in every box.


It’s time for a T Total Takeover.



Red Skull: Red Skull is a villain that Captain America fights. Red Skull is in the Captain America: The First Avenger movie.

It looks like mom when she is upset.


Green Goblin Pin
Green Goblin Pin

The Green Goblin is Norman Osborn, the father of Peter Parker’s best friend. The Green Goblin is Peter Parker/Spiderman’s archenemy.

He’s like the Joker.


IronMan Comic Book
IronMan Comic Book

Iron Man has a cool new suit. I think it is part of a new series because there are new variations of Avengers in the comic book. It is not part of the current Marvel Cinematic Universe. Dr. Doom shows up at the end. He is a Fantastic Four villain. I am not sure how Iron Man is tied into the Fantastic Four.

More zombie-like things, but where are they in the comicbook?


DOrbz Thor
Loki Dorbz

It’s the Tom Hiddleston rendition of Loki. Tom Hiddleston plays Loki in the Thor and Avengers movies. Loki is cute and will be placed next to the Ultron Dorbz.

Loki is the only decent Marvel Cinematic Universe villain so far.



Venom is Spiderman’s villain/anti-hero. Venom is Eddie Brock, who is a rival at Peter Parker’s job. It’s complicated between them. Sometimes they work together, they fight out their differences, and sometimes they are enemies. Mom says they are frenemies.

Link has a Venom tongue.


Link showing his venom tongue.
Link showing his venom tongue.

It looks similar!



Morbius is from an old Spiderman storyline. He makes reappearances every once in a while. He has some vampire abilities due to a radiation accident. He does not have the weaknesses of a vampire. He is an enemy of Spiderman although he occasionally works together with Ghost Rider, an anti-hero, doing good things. Poor Peter Parker. All these villains.

Everything is zombified these days.



The t-shirt feels soft and is a nice shirt. I like that it has Ultron, Red Skull, Thanos, Loki, and the Infinity Gauntlet on it. They are all in the Marvel Cinematic Universal films.



I had Mom zoom in on Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet because that is the whole key to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Everything revolves around it. Thanos is in that exact pose in the Guardians of the Galaxy.


Funko Shirt Tag
Funko Shirt Tag

Here’s the information about the shirt.

The t-shirt should be called Villains 101 because the villains are labeled.



All the items
All the items


Verdict: I love this box, especially the t-shirt.


Subscription Box Flashback

Marvel Collector Corps Secret Wars August 2015 Box
Marvel Collector Corps Secret Wars August 2015 Box

The Secret Wars box was not my favorite. I have not worn the t-shirt because it has too many things on it for my taste. I like the comic book that is not in the picture. There is a picture of it in the Marvel Collector Corps Secret Wars Review. I do like all the other boxes.


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What do you think of the Marvel Collector Corps Villians October Box? What do you think of the T Total Takeover? Share below and anything else on your mind!

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