Yuzen Beauty Box – Winter 2015

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Winter is on it’s way! Yuzen is a quarterly spa box designed to nourish the body and soul. I always enjoyed my Yuzen boxes. Yuzen takes its name serious. The beautiful slip of paper and the selections in the boxes embodies Yuzen, which is Japanese patterns on homemade Japanese paper.

Subscription: Yuzen

Price: $33.00 a quarter. This box is available until January 31st or until it sells out.

What to Expect: “Each box includes high-quality natural and organic personal care products, healthy snacks, and lifestyle items carefully chosen from about 6 companies.”


Information Card
Information Card

This review will be a quick review because I should be packing, not blogging. I received the box today and am blogging it because it is amazing! I will be bringing a few items with me on my trip. I did look for more information on the quote. Santoka Taneda was a Japanese poet that wrote in free-form haiku. The Haiku written above is in repose to seeing the rareness of snow falling.

It’s easy to take for granted what is around you. I’m used to the snow. I want to see West Coast landscapes!


Yuzen Paper
Yuzen Paper

I use the Yuzen paper as a bookmark.

Link likes to walk carrying the the Yuzen paper in his mouth.


Beautiful packaging
Beautiful packaging

Yuzen has beautiful packaging. It’s a fun box to open.

Unless you have people waiting to see what yummies are in the package.


The items
The items

I do not know how Yuzen fits everything in that little bag. I would hate having the job of packing the boxes. However, I love unpacking them!

My family is more concerned that there are two treats that need to be eaten.


Salus Organic Lotion Bar Lemongrass
Salus Organic Lotion Bar Lemongrass

Salus Organic Lotion Bar Lemongrass:  The one-ounce lotion bar comes in a tin. It’s designed for cuticles, rough spots, and dry skin It’s moisturizing. I can rub it on my skin without any problems. It absorbs quickly, and my skin feels softer. It has beeswax, cocoa butter and shea butter!



It has an invigoration lemongrass scent. Using the lotion in the morning is a great way to wake up your senses. The scent does fade slightly after a few minutes. The lotion bar is made in Colorado, USA.

The lemongrass scent is not a light and airy scent!


Sanitus Oi-Free Moistuizer
Sanitus Oi-Free Moisturizer

Sanitas Oil-Free Moisturizer: The moisturizer is sulfate and paraben free. It has hyaluronic acid and calms redness. I will be trying it out next week. It rubbed in nicely into my skin leaving no shine. It is best for combination and oily skin. The company is located in Colorado, USA.

I first read type on the bottle as blood type. That’s a different way to market a moisturizer!


Kimberly Parks Organic Scrub
Kimberly Parry Organic Scrub

Kimberly Parry Organic Scrub Sweet Orange and Cranberry: I am bringing this scrub with me on the trip. I am also packing a couple little cups to put the scrub in, so I don’t ruin the scrub. Don’t keep your scrub in the bathroom. The humidity will ruin it.


Kimberly Parks Organic Scrub
Leaves not included

The scrub is beautiful. It has orange peel and cranberry seeds in it. I tried a little bit on my hand. The scrub melted into my hand leaving behind a wonderful fall scent.

Scrubs are like gremlins. Don’t get them wet.


Co Pur Facial Scrub + Mask
Co Pur Facial Scrub + Mask

Co Pur Facial Scrub + Mask: The container is the perfect size for traveling.  Sprinkle a little bit in your hands, add water, apply to face, relax for 10-15 minutes, and then you are done! Very simple to do in the hotel room. I prefer mixing clay scrubs with yogurt or honey.


Easy to use shaker

The cap twists to allow the powder come out of the bottle. Co Pur is a woman-owned business in Colorado, USA.


Only three ingredients

The scrub has only three ingredients. They are French Green Clay Grapefruit Peel Powder, and Chamomile Powder. Co Pur has been in other subscription boxes recently.  The full-size facial mask along with the moisturizer and makeup remover were in the July 2015 Luxor Box.  The hair mask was in the September 2015 Buddhi Box. I thought I received a product from them before. Am I missing a box?  I’m going to wake up in the middle of the night saying the box’s name.

I remember as a child that we would curl our hands to see if the lines on our hand make an M meaning you will marry one day.


The Tea Room Green Earl Grey Chocolate Fusion Bar
The Tea Room Green Earl Grey Chocolate Fusion Bar

The Tea Room Green Earl Gray Chocolate Fusion Bar: They have a chief chocolatier! Heinz Rimann designs the amazing chocolate combinations many of which are prize-winning including this bar. I’m being a good sister and giving this bar to my sister because it is gluten-free. I am sure it taste amazing!

I hid it from my husband.


The Tea Room Rasberry
The Tea Room Raspberry Rooibos

The Tea Room Raspberry Rooibos: I could not find an exact match on the website, My husband and I ate them. It has a delicious dark chocolate raspberry taste.

It’s quality chocolate when one round is enough to satisfy.


Level Naturals Organic Menthol + Cucumber Shower Bomb
Level Naturals Organic Menthol + Cucumber Shower Bomb

Level Naturals Organic Methnol + Cucumber Shower Bomb: The link is for the four pack. I love shower bombs and am pleased they are included. I will save them for a day when I feel congested. The Methanol will open up the sinuses while the cucumber provides a spa feeling to the shower. Level used to offer a subscription box called Good, Gooder, and Goodest depending on what size was purchased. Now the Good Box page states coming soon. Anyone have more information on what happened? It is made in the USA.

I don’t want to be sick, but I can’t wait to use them!


Black Dahlia Nail Laquer in Red Spike Cactus
Black Dahlia Nail Laquer in Red Spike Cactus

Black Dahlia Nail Lacquer: Black Dahlia is a mother-daughter team that creates 5-free nail lacquer.  Black Dahlia also offers a subscription box and mystery bags. I like their nail polishes and am always happy to see them in a box.


One Coat
One Coat

I swatched the color on my fingernails. There is only one coat, no base coat or top coat. I did it quickly to show the color. I promise that my nails look better when I am giving myself a proper manicure. It is made in the USA.

I applied more hand lotion on my hands after seeing this picture.


21 Drops "Sleep" Esential Oil Blend
21 Drops “Sleep” Essential Oil Blend

21 Drops “Sleep” Essential Oil Blend: The aromatherapy blend comes with a roller ball applicator allowing you to rub the blend on your temples, wrists, and neck.It’s to help quiet the mind, reduce anxiousness, and improve sleep. The essential oils are Sandalwood, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, and Palmarosa in a jojoba oil carrier. It is recommended that the oil is applied five times for maximum results. I am trying it out tonight. The scent reminds me of something from my childhood. I can’t place the scent memory yet.

I hope it works!


Verdict: The Winter 2015 Yuzen box is an amazing box for me. I will be using all the items except for the chocolate bar that I am giving to my sister. I am looking forward to using all the items and may even purchase a second box in January if there are any left.


Subscription Box Flashback:


Yuzen Fall 2015

Yuzen Fall 2015: I remember Zelda helping with the pictures. My older son took the gum that is not in the main picture, but it is in the review. I used almost all the Cowgirl serum until I broke the bottle by knocking it over by accident last week. I used the lip scrub as a body scrub. I gave the shampoo to my sister. I haven’t tried the remaining items yet.


What do you think of the Yuzen Beauty Box WInter 2015? Share below and anything else on your mind!

  7 comments for “Yuzen Beauty Box – Winter 2015

  1. Kay
    November 10, 2015 at 12:54 am

    This box looks amazing! I’ve tried the sleep oil before, I’d keep it in my purse for when I was stressed at work, it calmed me down.

    • November 10, 2015 at 8:09 am

      Good to know. I think I will keep it in my purse for the college tours. My son is a bundle of nerves.

  2. Rachel
    November 10, 2015 at 4:58 am

    Great box!

  3. Heat7918
    November 10, 2015 at 10:47 am

    Another box I REALLY want but don’t need and shouldn’t buy… 🙂

    Your photos are just amazing – I could look at them all day! Great review – I love that you hid the chocolate from your husband. LOL

  4. November 10, 2015 at 7:36 pm

    Very beautiful presentation with review as always. I wonder whether the shower bomb could be used as a bah bomb they probably made it stronger and want to prevent any kind of reaction but if I had a cold I would risk it. Well I would go into the bath until a reaction happens then shower it off I like strong scented stuff. I am a risk taker like that my lady bits took all kinds of bubble baths back in the day my mom would buy those Avon bubble baths during my weehood and I swear I would put tons of bubble bath in the water.

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