Peaches and Petals Subscription Review + Coupon – July 2016

Peaches and Petals is a lifestyle and beauty box with a retro sort of leaning. They promise a mix of products that are both bring beauty and style to your door each month. I could probably use more of both every day to be honest. It seems to be eclectic but usually not too heavy of the beauty products which is a welcome change for many of us subscription box enthusiasts!

Cost: $19.99 a month




The box!


peaches and petals

Dance to the Music!!!




peaches and petals

peaches and petals

Boombotix – Boombot Mini Bluetooth Speaker: The sound won’t blow your hair back but it is decent enough and better then just using my phone. I like to dance around from time to time when I travel so this is perfect for all the trips I have to take.

Don’t worry I shut everything off my 9 pm… I am not a monster! 




peaches and petals

peaches and petals

Chroma Lights – Temporary Hair Color (Metallic Teal): I remember when I used to dye my hair weird colors and feel super cool. While I still feel super cool I cannot really dye my hair fun colors because of work. So this might be something fun to do. I am probably “too old” for this product but I am also “old enough” not to care!

The older I get the more fun I seem to have! 



peaches and petals

Cool Core – Chill Tube Towel: I am going to try to hike more and this will come in handy. I am not sure if these are actually magic or if waving a wet towel in the air actually cools things because of science and stuff. Still, I am excited to have a towel that I can wave around with a purpose!

I wonder if I have to say magic words as I do it! 



peaches and petals

Makeup Remover Face Cleaning Wipes: This is from some brand I am not familiar with so I did something that I do more and more. -Yes I looked at the ingredients! They were all find and I was surprised by that. I didn’t see organic stuff but I didn’t notice anything that I won’t personally put on my skin so that is cool. I can always use make up wipes so this will go in my car for those emergencies.

Sometimes I cry a little when I parallel park…



peaches and petals

peaches and petals

Flower Headband: I am surprised by the fake pollen on these flowers because now I am just sure Bee’s will want to hang out on my head if I wear this! I can just see it now… me running through the forest with a swarm following me not to attack me but just to party with me and my flower headband!

I wanted to talk about “festival style”  so much hahahahaha




peaches and petals

Engraved Song Lyrics Bracelet: “Don’t Stop Believing” is a great lyric from a great long. A song that is best sung loudly while drinking with many others. Then you can really bellow it out with flair and no fear of everyone finding out just how much deep down you NEVER will EVER stop believing!

Wrap bracelets are  very tempting to Sophia von Bearcat de Coronado… 




peaches and petals

Verdict: Peaches & Petals always sends me interesting boxes with items I find fun and useful. While not everything was a hit with me this time around I am OK with it because the items that were hits were SUPER hits with me! Now, if you see a blue haired lady in all subscription box garb you can come say hello! 😉 We can dance in the streets!!!


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Disclosure: I was given this box for my honest review. There are no affiliate links in this post!

  5 comments for “Peaches and Petals Subscription Review + Coupon – July 2016

  1. July 29, 2016 at 11:22 pm

    That bracelet is epic. I am trying to think of a way for you to say that blue hair is a medical necessary so that you could wear it to work. . .

    • July 30, 2016 at 5:12 pm

      I am totally sending you it hahahaha YAS!!! I need to bounce ideas off of you for the various things that I want to do and should be deemed medically necessary!

  2. July 30, 2016 at 8:56 am

    Is the chill towel soft or hard? I started off buying the hard until watered soft towels but have since branched out into buying a soft scarfy chill towel. All via the Amazon of course. Chill towels really need to be the next substitute to all those scarves we are getting in subscription boxes.

    Great discoveries and review!

    • July 30, 2016 at 5:07 pm

      It is soft microfiber like! Aww Thanks Pnut! Yeah these towels are something else! I would never have bought one so it was actually super cool to get one

  3. August 2, 2016 at 12:45 am

    I thought this was a pretty random box at first, but really it’s like summer / festival / Friday-night-alone themed. Though it could use a cookie.

    Of course I scroll back up and that’s totally the theme! Hah

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