EggDrop Subscription Box Review + Coupon – August 2016


Subscription: EGGDROP

Cost: Original 

$16.99/month (originally $19.99 before coupon)

$199.99/year = 12 boxes for the price of 10!

Code Exclusive Only for Subscriptionista Readers:

Click HERE to receive your first box for 15% off!

What You’re Getting:

A mixture of 6 eggs and blind stuff that should make wee ones go bonkers over. Brands included are Shopkins, Disney Frozen toys, My Little Pony, Pixar toys, Despicable Me, Minions, Angry Birds, Transformers, whatever is popular in YouTubeKids and the Elusive Kinder Egg.

Kick Back and Get Comfortable:

Like my norm with EGGDROP, I took preliminary pictures the night I received the box. And this time I made sure I had time to start to write up this post as the unboxing again went wild!


Here is the updated box packaging! The USPS mailing label secures the box.


I could not resist taking pictures of the side of the box for your viewing pleasure.




There is always a slip of paper in an EGGDROP box…


This sounds exciting! Hopefully that means different Blind Bags from across the globe? Maybe a Kawaii Blind Bag? Does Pokemon have a blind bag? A Kinder Egg!?! We will have to stay tuned to see…



Here are my three Pnut people. Pipsqueak, Squeakette, and Squeak.

Or my squeakers as Onderria calls them.


They know its the good stuff in that box!


Ohhhhh…. Let’s dig in!


Back to the box! First up is a Squinkies Blind Bag!

Squinkies Blind Bag – Front
Squinkies Blind Bag - Back
Squinkies Blind Bag – Back

Squinkies Blind Bag

Includes three Squinkies encapsulated in bubbles.


Also includes two bracelets for sharing and one clip for fighting over. And some stickers to boot!

Look how genius marketing had it by putting the bracelets attached the to a backpack.

I would have totally have done something like that with my plastic 80s charms of yore.




Second item is an Emoji Tags Blind Bag

Emoji Tags Blind Bag - Front
Emoji Tags Blind Bag – Front
Emoji Tags Blind Bag - Back
Emoji Tags Blind Bag – Back

Emoji Tags Blind Bag

Inside this Emoji Tags Blind Bag is 1 Emoji Tag and 1 Sticker Sheet.

Emojis are in. I need to explore beyond my basics 🙂 😉 and 😛




Third Item is a gateway Blind Bag (for parents and/or their kids) that may start an collect-them-all addiction,

AKA as a Shopkins Blind Bag

Shopkins Blind Bag - Front
Shopkins Blind Bag – Front
Shopkins Blind Bag - Back
Shopkins Blind Bag – Back

Shopkins Blind Bag

This Shopkins Blind Bag contains 1 Shopkin with carrying case, 1 Sticker, and 1 Tag.



Fourth item, be still my aging heart, a Zelda Blind Bag!

Zelda Blind Bag - Front
Zelda Blind Bag – Front
Zelda Blind Bag - Back
Zelda Blind Bag – Back

Zelda Blind Bag

This Zelda Blind Bag contains 1 Figure.

I can still remember the Nintendo game Zelda song burned in my head! 



And the final two items are Disney Tsum Tsum Blind Bags

Disney Tsum Tsum Blind Bags
Disney Tsum Tsum Blind Bags

Here is the back of one of the Disney Tsum Tsum Blind Bags for your viewing pleasure…

Disney Tsum Tsum Blind Bag - Back
Disney Tsum Tsum Blind Bag – Back

2 Disney Tsum Tsum Blind Bags

This tip is a little bit of a digression . . . If you have Apple TV you have a Disney Junior icon that you can watch select shows without signing into a Disney Junior account. Which works out great because I don’t have one. One of these select shows is Tsum Tsum. And I really have to say that whoever designed the Tsum Tsum shows definitely had a marketing background. The supercute Tsum Tsums change size, roll over, and do other cute moves all with Dumbo the Elephant taking group photos. My favorite one is the sushi conveyor belt.

I have yet to find an awesome sushi conveyor belt joint. I digress again.






Verdict: WIN!

I am over the moon with the Tsum Tsum Blind Bags and this was something I am absolutely happy to receive two blind bags because of the “stackableness” nature of the Tsum Tsum marketing ploy (*snorts sarcastically whilst also being happily pleased*). Also the classic Legends of Zelda Blind Bag brought memories of my weehold glued to Nintendo (hey I survived) in where I need to explain to my Squeakers what computerized games their parents played when we were wee. And to top it all off, the ever popular Shopkins!

Also, I am really happy that this month’s EGGDROP came with some stickers. I plan on squirreling these sticker sheets in Pipsqueak’s lunch box.

Stickers are cool for Back To School.

Happiness and a coupon code are PRICELESS!

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What do you think of EggDrop? Share your thoughts and any random commentary below!

Disclosure:  I bought this subscription with a code and clams. You can do as well as the coupon will be applied when you click here. There are affiliate links in this post.

  4 comments for “EggDrop Subscription Box Review + Coupon – August 2016

  1. August 16, 2016 at 10:24 am

    I love conveyor belt sushi! And your squeakers =D

    • August 16, 2016 at 6:14 pm

      If there is conveyor belt sushi whence we meet, we shall go to it. The squeakers love you too I have been calling them that lately!

  2. Niblet
    August 18, 2016 at 10:20 pm

    Those little ones of yours are so dang cute! I have a couple of nieces that would enjoy this box.

    • August 19, 2016 at 4:32 am

      Thanks Niblet!

      It would be a cuteshow that I would like to post picts if you were willing to share!

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