Saturday Trash Talk

Hip Hop Hooray, it’s Saturday!


Hi friends, it is time again to spill our cans. You too can spill your trash and opinions. Just email me your photos and thoughts at: mailboxjunkie808@

08-11 Ake empties 1

Sheet Masks

100% Pure Caffeine Mask – Hello, my lovely.

Missha Pure Source Sheet Mask – Olive: So I’d heard some complaints about Missha sheet masks, but if I get a mask, I’m not going to just throw it away. The paper was a little stiff on this one and the smell was really alcohol-y. But the real surprise was the crazy burning that started within seconds of putting it on my face. Ack! I’ve had masks burn and leave my skin looking great (see 100% Pure above), but this came on strong and fast, and I was already dubious and didn’t want to risk it. I immediately whipped it off and put on…

Freeset Donkey Milk  Skin Gel Mask Pack – Healing: It took a while for the burning to subside, but when I took this one off, my face looked normal. Crisis averted? Or never any crisis at all?

Llang 3 Self Clinic Step Kit – Pore Control: Step 1 was a large AHA cotton swab. Step 2 was a transparent, semi-solid black jelly. It was a little difficult to get out of the package, but there was lots of it. Step three was the sheet mask. I don’t know if it’s just psychological or if the black sheet masks uses a different material, but I swear that they stay moist longer.

08-11 Ake empties 2

Other Things

CosRX Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask: I know there’s a lot of hate out there for foils, but I was super excited to get this one because I’ve been wanting to try the product. Despite the name it’s made from lots of propolis and zero honey. But it was a nice, light jelly. I’m testing out a few sleeping packs right now, but if none of them grab me, I may circle back around to this.

ToGoSpa Ice Water Eyes: I thought I had used up the last of these, but was pleased to find a few more. This time I’ve really used them all up. Or maybe my beauty storage closet is actually a magical cupboard that dispenses infinite eye gels. Probably the latter.

Tony Moly The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Cream: “Chok chok” is the Korean term for skin that is moist and pump and bouncy. Which sounds not all good now that I’m typing it out, but really is, I swear! At any rate, I’ve been enjoying these thin gel-cream products this summer.

Nooni Seed Essence Toner: This is supposed to be a moisturizing toner, but it’s very thick and applies more like a serum. It’s not bad, but back to Missha Time Revolution for me.

Naawk SPF 50 Sunscreen Continuous Spray: This one goes in my sunscreen hall of shame. I’m not a fan of spray sunscreens anyway, but this one had such a tiny spray radius that it took forever to apply. It was thick and greasy and shiny and NEVER DRIED OR ABSORBED. It just stayed shiny wet forever. Blech. I got this as part of a prize at a running event, but if I had paid for it I definitely would have asked for my money back!

I hate ending my trash talk with a negative (note to self: put nice product wrapper on right side of photo), so can I just say thank y’all? No one if my life has any interest in skincare (or boxes), so it’s great to have people to share with.


MJ’s Can:


Ok so ignore the sea precious pearls because that got reviewed 2 weeks ago (mama brain).

Josh Rosebrook Balance Shampoo and Conditioner: 

I actually bought these for the hubby (that was my excuse) because I saw on Instagram that it can be used for people with scalp conditions (which he has). I had personally been wanting to try it but couldn’t justify the cost. He was formerly using selsun blue. Believe it or not, this stuff has been working for him. I had to stop using it because now that it is summer and I am not preggo, I am exercising more intensely so I am washing my hair more (and fyi I have waist length hair). So if I used this stuff 4-5times a week, I would use up the bottle soooo quickly and then I wouldn’t be able to afford my boxes #priorities. I am almost out of my current shampoo so you will see that next week.

Pure Anada foundation sample:

This was my first natural foundation that I have tried and I did indeed like it but now that I have further down the rabbit hole I have found ones I like much more. But hands down they still have the best shade range of any natural foundation.

Red Flower Body Wash

This came in the big overflow sale box from Good Being. Meh, it gets the job done. I just don’t like body wash for some reason. Call me crazy.

Province Apothecary Brow Serum

So I was all set to toss this because the smell literally drives me insane. However, when i googled it, this article by the Green Beauty Goddess Hermes Hippie came up about the product. So I of course had to read it and now I am set to keep it and force myself to use it again……

Califia Farms Mocha Mexican:

Holy yum. This mocha doesn’t just have chocolate and cinnamon. It has a kick to it too! I love Califia Farms cold brew coffees. They taste as rich as a frappuccino but with half the sugar. This one might be my new fav!

  6 comments for “Saturday Trash Talk

  1. Dayle
    August 13, 2016 at 5:05 am

    I have been carrying an empty Red Flower Body Wash in my gym bag for over a month to add to my Saturday Trash but keep forgetting! See how you all of changed me? I will definitely have some trash to share next week because thanks to Ake and a whole lot of sun while on vacation, I am determined to up my masking game!

    I am glad you got to try Josh Rosebrook – It may be my favorite ever discovery from sub boxes. That being said, I only use the shampoo and I am able to use less than dime-size on my short locks! I did read an interesting article (link below) that he wrote about why shampoos quit working over time.

    I am still using my eyebrow serum 3-5 times/week. I actually like the smell! I am not sure that I am seeing results, but I will keep using it until it is gone. Most likely 5-6 months from now!

    Tomorrow I plan to spend the day doing using some of my products while my family is at the Iowa State Fair (every year they go and I stay home for a “Me” day). I am starting with a 90 minute hot stone massage in the morning, followed by (most likely) a facial steam, a hydrating mask and then a mani-pedi! Life is good!

    Keep it trashy y’all!

    • August 13, 2016 at 10:34 am

      Your me day sounds amazing especially the hot stone massage!!! I am so surprised that my thrifty husband agreed to try the Josh Rosebrook and even more surprised that it is working so well for him. I bought him the 8 oz bottle. When he finishes the 8 oz bottle, provided his scalp is still under control I am going to do an indepth interview thing with him on you tube (i will send you the link). I am keeping my fingers crossed it is still working by then!!

  2. August 13, 2016 at 10:35 am

    @ake, That mask sounds scary!!!

  3. August 13, 2016 at 12:10 pm

    Ake that masks DOES sound scary!!! I need to put together another little pack for you! I also really appreciated the note you sent me. I think you are so thoughtful and awesome!

    I love this series so much and I finallllllly took pics of my trash to send to you MJ but now I need to write them up. Slow going over here at the party palace of paws

  4. Ake
    August 13, 2016 at 9:24 pm

    I think I love all of MJ’s food items. I don’t even drink coffee and I want to try that one!

  5. Heat7918
    August 14, 2016 at 7:44 am

    Ake and MJ, awesome empties! I want a magical cupboard!! I used body washes for about 25 years and then tried Sudsy bar soap last year… I can’t go back. I try the body wash samples when I get them but it’s not the same.

    Dayle, what an amazing day you must be having today! Thanks for sharing that article – very interesting. I need to look into this Josh Rosebrook brand.

    Thanks to these posts, I now get excited anytime I finish up anything even in my kitchen… Leftovers, bottle of juice, box of pasta – LOL.

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