Craftly Subscription Box Review – August 2016

Craftly is not a craft subscription box. No, it is actually a subscription that sends out lifestyle items curated by the founders Adam Montoya and Cathy Diep, along with their team. I imagine what being on such a team must be like. Sorting through tons of cute fun items, and deciding what will work and what won’t.


Some things I imagine saying if I were in a round table on the team curating the box:

“Oh this deer hoof shaped mimosa cup is great but it does not say anything to me!”

“I just don’t understand why there aren’t more items made with pure American Domestic cat hair!”

“Lets have a box dedicated to left handed people!”

“I just don’t accept the premise that we MUST curate to this reality! What of the multiverse?!?”


No, they obviously have not asked me to join the team… But they did send me this box to give my honest review so the possibilities are endless!


Cost: 4-7 Lifestyle items for $25 a month and free shipping!


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unnamed (23)

The box is here! Right upon opening it my office smelled like a spa!

unnamed (22)

Kiko Leather – Classic Card Case: When they say “butter soft” they are not kidding. This wallet is so soft I don’t want to muck it up with anything. I just love the feel of it in my paw. I know, I know, I should dig on vegan leather more, but I can’t help but admit that there is something so luxurious about a fine leather.

This should only be used for the cards of people you actually will contact! 

unnamed (19)

unnamed (20)

unnamed (21)

Das Boom – West Indies Bar Soap: This is where that wonderful smell was coming from! This is a masculine scent that is sure to please the ladies! I lived in the West Indies and never was able to find a strong bay rum scent like this. However, I can’t help but sniff this and think of a vacation.

This bar of soap is HUGE, so go ahead and get filthy! 


unnamed (17)

Unsimply Stitched – No Show Socks: Socks are always are a pleasure! While this print is not my bears personal style he will probably still wear them because no show socks are always good to have on hand. If not I will make Onderria wear them lol.

I am sorta jelly women don’t grow beards sometimes… 


unnamed (18)

AG Standard – Classic Smoked Almonds: I am so glad when I opened this that there was no chemistry homework inside. I did not do well in that class! The almonds are beyond good!!! They are lightly roasted so still have some moist qualities that work with the smoke and salt to make for a happy mouth.

Whoopsie, was going to share this with my bear but… yeah dem are the breaks! 

unnamed (24)

Verdict: Craftly did such a great job this month!!! I love the items sent and will be able to gift them to my bear or save for other gifts if I decide not to use them. Though, really that soap is going into the rotation post haste because it is huffable, and if you know me then you know I require even my cat to have a huffable scent! I honestly never know what to expect each month which makes this one of the subs I still take pause to open and enjoy!


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Disclosure: No affiliate links in this post! This box was sent to me for my honest review!

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