Grove Collaborative Subscription Box Review + Coupon – September 2016

Did someone say “PRICE MATCH?” Read on!

Box: Grove Collaborative (this link gives you $10 and me $10 when you sign up)!

Contents: Curated and/or self-selected eco-friendly products such as Cleaning, Laundry, Hand and Body, Face and Hair, Kids, Scent Free, Oral Care, etc. to ship when you want it (monthly and on demand)! Some of the Brands carried are Seventh Generation, Acure Organics, Method, Mrs. Meyers, Molly’s Suds, and house brand Grove Collaborative.

And they have CANDLES! *still on a candle kick*

Cost: Price of your items (usually discounted) plus $2.99 shipping (waived if you are a VIP member see more details below).

Kick Back and Get Comfortable: 

I LOVE the service that Grove Collaborative offers. Every item that I received was either a promotional free item or discounted. I will keep a lookout for more promos and let you know! Most of the products that I bought were not found on discount via my beloved Amazon. Because I wanted to avoid passing Target and paying $200, we would buy our cleaning products on Home Depot (which were not discounted at all).

We all know how I want to save money in the comfort of my own home.

I found signing up was easy. Grove Collaborative asks a few questions and then curates a box for you. You can then feel free to delete and add items as you wish.

There is a $2.99 shipping charge BUT if you sign up for VIP status, the shipping fee is waived! So while you are shopping look into the VIP trial because you receive free shipping for two months and then you pay $19.99 for a year. In addition to VIP status, you will receive freebies amounting to five (5!) full size items within a year so $19.99 pays for itself in (1) free shipping, (2) five full size items and (3) the already discounted savings on items purchased!!! And if you forget to add the VIP trial to your order (like I did) the VIP trial option appears after you place your first order. And then if you forget that, I am sure the awesome customer service will take of you!

Once you make an order you can set up to change when you want your next delivery and what products you want for that delivery. Grove Collaborative will send advance email reminders and a text reminder (if you give your cell) when a monthly box is scheduled so you can make any modifications to that order. Also a week after you sign up, you will be able to “purchase now” if you need something now.

Note on Customer Service:

Not only is customer service awesome, make sure you look under the customer service representative’s signature because there might be a link with a coupon to one of their favorite products. You know me and codes and coupons.

I also was recently sent an email blast from Grove Collaborative with some points that they wanted their customers to be aware of and if you are not happy with a product they will compensate you! How awesome is that!?!

An other awesome plus is that if there is a promo for new customers, Grove Collaborative usually also rewards continuing customers with a promo as well!

Codes and/or Coupons for new and continuing customers = A Happy and Loyal Pnut



I noticed when I was stalk tracking my Grove Co box one of their advertisements  on the tracking page was for the VIP program features. One of the features was “price matching”!

Online Price Matching be still my heart!!!

So of course I shuttled an email to Grove Co asking for the deets and they were like just add the item to your cart then email them (customer service) with a link (not a screenshot) and they will manually adjust the item in your cart!


So now I know and my next month order I am going to get my NOW lavender essential oil as a backup (because NOW is now my second best essential oil next to recently purchased Aura Cacia!!!). I used to get it at the Amazon with Prime for around $7-8ish and then for some reason NOW got greedy and jacked up the price to $17-18 and most vendors followed suit. There is a lone vender or two on Amazon at only have free ship at the old cost. But I accidentally gave a screenshot and not a link so when I went back to get the price I searched Google and found it for $5ish!

I really should get another diffuser with all these essential oils … I digress.


Anyway, the weeist of my Pnut people, Squeakette, wants me to get started on the review

so let us indulge our little assistant!


Squeakette takes her subscription box duties very seriously!

Aura Cacia Lavender 100% Pure Essential Oil

Oh another lavender essential oil momma? You should get another diffuser!

Aura Cacia Lavender 100% Pure Essential Oil

Aura Cacia Lavender 100% Pure Essential Oil

So I needed (ok wanted) another lavender essential oil since a bottle that I received from Subista was dwindling down. Before I realized Grove Co had price matching, I settled on this lavender essential oil. If you stalked me from when I came on board Subscriptionista, you would have remembered that I wanted to get a diffuser but got overwhelmed at the Amazon. Luckily we bought our first home and my mortgage broker bought us a diffuser as a housewarming gift. And I have been obsessed with using it with lavender essential oil.

I am actually very impressed with Aura Cacia and I need to say that it is the best Lavender Essential Oil I have tried in my opinion and a great price point. I will definitely repurchase!!!

Now about that diffuser…


Acure Organics – Argan Cell Stimulating Body Wash

Squeakette I told you last time that this is not a nom!

Acure Organics – Argan Cell Stimulating Body Wash

Acure Organics – Argan Cell Stimulating Body Wash

So I went to my Grove Co “ambassador” (like a personal shopper)’s email to check out any discounts on stuff he likes before I made my order and snapped another for bubble bath usage for the girls. This Body Wash give the best bubbles.

It must be the stimulating part of the body wash.

BTW there were new goodies that my ambassador currently likes so be sure to check your ambassador’s original email link because the items may change!


Caldrea – Linen and Room Spray in Ginger Pomelo

Momma says that I am the gassiest of the sisters. Daddy says stinky ones are the best.

Daddy is the gassiest of the family.

Caldrea – Linen and Room Spray in Ginger Pomelo

Caldrea – Linen and Room Spray in Ginger Pomelo

This was another item suggested by my ambassador that was still discounted via his link. I was so pleased with my last month’s purchase (Tangelo Palm Frond), I decided to buy another in a different scent!

The Ginger Pomelo is definately more energizing. It makes me want to put candied ginger on my grapefruit (when I get around to buying candied ginger and grapefruit)! I think the Tangelo Palm Frond is a more luxe scent that would make your foyer smell like a “foyer” for guests.

Caldrea – Linen and Room Spray in Ginger Pomelo

Here is a closeup of the on/off nozzle. This is perfect to prevent scented water spray fights!

Silly Squeakers, Linen and Room Sprays are for Linen and Rooms.


Seventh Generation Tub & Tile Natural Cleaner Concentrated Refill

Momma, you already have a backup of this!?!

Seventh Generation Tub & Tile Natural Cleaner Concentrated Refill

Seventh Generation Tub & Tile Natural Cleaner Concentrated Refill

Squeakette thinks I have too many Seventh Generation tub cleaners and she may be right. But in my defense I like use half a bottle into shallow hot bath water and scrub away and then drain. Easy peasy.

It’s concentrated so I don’t have to use the whole bottle gratuitously 😉




Price match heaven I am more in love with Grove Collaborative!!! I highly recommend Grove Collaborative for the savings and remember to click all the lnks for more savings!

If you want to save $10 off your first Grove Co order, click here!

Can you recommend a diffuser (preferably via the Amazon)? 

Please let us know in the comments your thoughts (even the random ones)!

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Disclaimer: I bought all this stuff with clams. There are referral and affiliate links in this post.

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  1. Heat7918
    September 15, 2016 at 6:06 pm

    Nobody makes reading about cleaning products more fun than Pnut!

    Squeakette is SO cute! Lovely dress and cool boho necklace. 🙂

    • September 15, 2016 at 6:42 pm

      Thanks Heat! I will confirm with Squeakette her cuteness 🙂

      The dress is a hand-me-down Gap Kids from her cousin. The cool boho necklace shockingly was not from the Amazon (although I had people buy one right from there after they ask me about their amber necklaces). I buy my amber necklaces via babysteals dot com when they have a featured amber dealer usually at/around 50% discounted. The girls each have their own necklace (except Pipsqueak who no longer needs hers). I cannot guarantee that it reduces/stops teething pains but I can positively tell you it reduced the drooling 99% on all three squeakers. If you buy from the Amazon or some other dealer, please be sure to read the vendor reviews as there are many fake amber necklaces out there.

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