Taco Bout It Tuesday: December Holidays for 2016

Hello!! Welcome to the new year. Are you settling in okay? I took a small hiatus to just be truly lazy after I handed in my last paper.

Did you make any New Years goals, aspirations, resolutions, or dream boards? Mine were the typico goals of losing weight, going outside more, and doing more crafts…

…and spending less money…

christmas lights

What did you do for your holiday season?

I work in a school, but had to still work the first four days of break, then got 11 whole days off! I spent time with my sister and her new husband at his family’s Channukah party, then we had my boyfriend’s family Christmas, my siblings and significant others did Secret Santa and White Elephant swaps, and finally my brother’s wife’s family had a big Christmas party.

By the way, I came out of Christmas shopping with a funny story. McBoyfriend and I were in Nordstrom just walking around, and I stopped to eye the Kendra Scott jewelry. I pointed to some earrings and said “ohhhh I really like these!” There was a stylish 70ish year old woman next to me who turned to my boy and said, “that means she wants them!” Hahah, I love her. Well, guess what? He got me some pearly colored earrings and a matching necklace! I love them!

For New Years my boyfriend and some of our friends went to the Space Needle to watch fireworks go boom!

It was wonderful, and I definitely recommend freezing your buns off to go watch live fireworks on New Years if you’ve never done it.


Tell us about your holidays [or if it was just another couple of weeks for you], and what you’re looking forward to this year!

I’m most looking forward to graduating from grad school!



PS: We didn’t get too much input on your 2016 year end awards from subscription boxes, so I’ll give you guys another week to let us know! See the original post here or go right to the survey here.

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