Pusheen Box Subscription Box Review – Fall 2017


Pusheen Box


$43.95 + $6 US Shipping (Slightly lower savings if you buy an annual subscription)

or free if you ask your brother to get it for his nieces 😉

What to Expect:

Pusheen box is curated with exclusive Pusheen items (e.g., clothing, accessories, electronics, toys, stationery, etc.) with a retail value of over $100! An exclusive to Pusheen Box vinyl figurine is usually guaranteed in each box. Some items will be first edition items received by Pusheen Box subscribers before they are released in stores.

Pusheen Box – Autumn 2017
Pusheen Box
Pusheen Box
Pusheen Box

Kick Back and Let’s Get This Box Opened!!!

My brother asked me what he should get Pipsqueak for her birthday. I asked him for a year subscription of Pusheen. I think he was charged already at the time for the quarterly so maybe we have five seasons instead of four! According to my brother, upon signing up, he was asked for a shoe and shirt size. Because Pusheen did not have kid’s shoe size I asked him to put down my size (7) and to choose the smallest size (XS) for the shirt.

Preview of the contents!

Pusheen Box Fall 2017

Ok I digress, let us begin this review with a Pipsqueak declaration:


Making a cameo appearance, Squeakaa steps in for Pusheen with her backup sisters,

Pipsqueak, Squeakette, and Squeak

My assistants are ready to unbox!

I remembered Pipsqueak saying something cute like “Let’s dig in”

or something that a subscription box fan would say!

My assistants get to work…

First Spoiler Item:

Pusheen Plush


Pusheen Plush!

I like this better than the vinyl Pusheen this is more durable for the wee ones.


Second Spoiler Item:

Pusheen Sweater

Pusheen Sweater

Too big for Pipsqueak and too small for me. It should probably be a well known fact that whoever curates Pusheen Box does not read reviews. Another piece of Pusheen clothing that will never live to see the light of day. Yes Please. Said No One Ever.


Pusheen Shower Curtain
Pusheen Shower Curtain

Pusheen Shower Curtain

To note, this shower curtain has ten holes versus twelve and needs a liner. I just used the inner ten rings and it came out ok. I do not think this shower curtain will hold up to many washings though. This box was intentionally opened before my husband came home from work so us girls could put this shower curtain up (with the matching bathmat) to surprise him. The girls were sure about this.

My husband, on the other hand, was not sure about this. 



Pusheen Bathmat
Pusheen Bathmat

Pusheen Bathmat

I am not sure whether this bathmat will be durable in the washer so I just put it in front of the diaper changing station. I suggest placing this in a low traffic area where you may be standing temporary (e.g., the washer, the crib, the kitchen or bathroom sink).


Pusheen Pancake Pan
Pusheen Pancake Pan

Pusheen Pancake Pan

Pipsqueak handed this right over to me and declared that we make Pusheen pancakes soon! My pnut people like pancakes with chocolate chips. well Squeak just picks out the chocolate chips. I am sure they will clamor for more pancakes now that they are Pusheen pancakes.


Pusheen Pad

Pusheen Notepad

I am claiming this. I will share sheets upon request because if I relenquish this to my squeakers they will have scrawled all over it in record time.

That is what subscription box journals are for.


Pusheen Pillow Cover
Pusheen Pillow Cover

Pusheen Pillow Cover

Yes! Another cute pillow cover (this is getting common in subscription boxes this year)! Luckily I gots a box of fluff to stuff this pillow with. I need to stack all these cute pillows my Pnut people has amassed at one place.


Pen with Pusheen Pen Topper

Pen with Pusheen Pen Topper

This is supercute but its going MIA within seconds.

All fingers point to Pipsqueak!


Lastly, what is a Pusheen box without a Pusheen Vinyl Figurine!?!

Pusheen Figurine

Pusheen Figurine

The perfect ending to a Pusheen Box unboxing!

I think the subscription box community was holding its breath wondering whether we would receive this since the first spoiler item was a plush. Pusheen Box delivered!


Pusheen Box Autumn 2017


Short of the sweater, this was another sweet box by Pusheen Box. Tons of useful items it is amazing how Pusheen Box is able to curate such supercute boxes (minus the clothing part).

So supercute!

Why do the curators of Pusheen read blog reviews? Why? Are they too vested in creating their Pusheen home wardrobe? Are they Project Runway rejects?

They really need Tim Gunn to knock on their door. 


I hope winter rocks as much as last year!

What do you think of Pusheen?

One can both love Hello Kitty and Pusheen at the same time!

Please share your thoughts no matter how random below.

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Disclaimer: My brother hooked his nieces with a year subscription due to my awesome gift recommendation 😉 There are no affilliate/referral links to this post.

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