Face Mask Alchemy Subscription Box Review – March 2018

Subscription Box: Face Mask Alchemy


Cost: $10.88 plus tax + shipping

Like February, March is sold out so if you want April you need to sign up ASAP so you get a spot!


What You’re Getting: A box from our very own Subista Sista, Mailbox Junkie, who moved forward from blogging to creating a YouTube Channel as And The Color Green. She recently created her own subscription box, Face Mask Alchemy. Marie occasionally still dabbles in subscription boxes but her new love is skincare and masking! Marie also has the assistance of a chemist in creating her curated face masks.

And you can totally see a glow in her skin! She knows what she is doing!


Relax and Sit Back: 

If you want to see Marie (an actual face) YouTube’s video review, please click here for her YouTube Channel!


The theme for March 2018’s Face Mask Alchemy is IAO VALLEY!

In the pamphlet, Marie states that this is the first mask that features an ingredient, Spirulina, grown in Hawaii!

Here is what is in Face Mask Alchemy this month!

Checklist: pamphlet, Hawaiian honey stick, face oil, wooden spoon and the cream de resistance mask pot!

Face Mask Alchemy – March 2018

Here is the front and back of the pamphlet for your viewing pleasure!

Face Mask Alchemy – March 2018
Face Mask Alchemy – March 2018

Here is the contents of the mask up close and personal along with a close up of its ingredients:

Face Mask Alchemy – March 2018
Face Mask Alchemy – March 2018

Ohhhh Glacier Clay!

Glaciers made this mask for me!

Here is the contents of the face oil up close and personal along with a close up of its ingredients:

Face Mask Alchemy – March 2018

I start by “waking up” the mask with some water.

Face Mask Alchemy – March 2018

Now that the mask is “awoke” I add some of this month’s face oil.

Face Mask Alchemy – March 2018

And most of the Hawaiian honey stick (I took a little sample its yum)!

Face Mask Alchemy – March 2018

Mix, mix, mix and swatch/apply!

Face Mask Alchemy – March 2018


This mask had to do something to my face to wake it up or revitalize it. I noticed that the area above my eyelashes up to my eyebrow (unmasked region) remained a darker color than the rest of my face which lightened up. The next day when I checked out ma face, everything was alright.

I also appreciated the rice grains as it added a soft exfoliation thereby making the mask multitask as an exfoliator!

The mask was also thematic of March! It was a dark green and not hulk colored like the last green mask.

Not that there is anything wrong like a hulk-colored mask. Its a conversation starter for sure!

I also really loved the face oil. It was not the scent because I could hardly detect it but my skin just craved it. The face oil was gone within 25 hours I put it on my face, neck area, hands and elbows. I have to say this face oil is the best one I received in this box subscription!

I noted that Marie has some masks in her store as well as a new fan brush and shell that I am eyeing. I hope that she expands the store to include some more masks and face oils!

This mask also prompted me to have plans for my next masking.

The mask smells like a green juice, I am motivated to retry this mask with a mashed up banana! With a green juice on hand 😉

I really like Face Mask Alchemy, like Grove Co, it comes monthly and is an instant motivator for action.

In this case its masking, not cleaning 😉


Have any questions about masking and/or random commentary please let us know below!

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Disclosure: I get stuff from the mainland to Marie for this box. There are no referral/affiliate links to this post. 

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