Taco Bout It Tuesday: 2018 November Subscription Box Deal Thoughts

You know what’s coming up?

Halloween 😉

Someone has to take one for the team and eat her Squeakers’ Swedish Fish.

Mmmm… Red Dye 40. 


I digress, it’s Black Friday!!!

Or November 1st. 


What are you hoping for? Do you think the best deals will start on November 1st? Black Friday? Or Cyber Monday?

Or all of the above?


Allure Beauty Box

Onderria mentioned interest on a Allure code. I really want badly an annual Allure code!

The lovely Alluring red box that is Allure.



As you know, I have been lusting yearly for PopSugar. Except this year. The upcoming PopSugar Winter 2018 box is not my jam. I am not sure whether any amount of Black Friday discount would entice me since it would likely include getting Winter.

Winter is coming. 


I would LOVE a stackable FatFitFun code to stack on my annual but FabFitFun has not done such a thing.

A subscription box girl can dream can she?



And Beauty Fix too could use a long-term sub code!

I could use a monthly “Beauty Fix!”


The Detox Box

If The Detox Box, Beauty Heroes, and/or Pearlesque Box comes up with a great/awesome/redic code, I could be persuaded….

I can get ready to be obsessed. 


So… what boxes do you want to see a deal on? 

Please share your thoughts and of course anything random below!


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Disclosure: These boxes were purchased hopefully with a code(s). There are no referral/affiliate links in this post.

  2 comments for “Taco Bout It Tuesday: 2018 November Subscription Box Deal Thoughts

  1. October 30, 2018 at 12:20 am

    Beauty Fix, some Allure spoilers to bring me back w a code, FFF… and because the spending flood gates have opened, who knows what else? I’d kill for Essence back. Need to renew Margot Elana.
    Just got Beauty Fix and Box of Scarlet, love me Grove and Imperfect Produce. BY THE WAY!! My husband is in love with my Grove sub He freaking loves the good smells, and I don’t even use lotion anymore bc Mrs Meyers soap moisturizes.

    • October 30, 2018 at 1:55 pm

      I bet Margot Elena will have a code!

      Nom blogs are the hardest to review lol.

      I am working on my Grove review now I convinced Squeakette on a Cinderella dress. Squeakette has a busy schedule and we don’t agree on wardrobe. Halloween is tomorrow and she is not supposed to wear costumes but she insists on princess outfits so we will see how that goes….

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