SQUIX QBox Subscription Box Review + Coupon – July 2016

Squix is a subscription that wants to help you not fall into the days of yore when plaque and dirt were as commonplace as getting married at 12 years old. Basically they focus on bringing you a large offering of cleaning products that fit your needs and help you fight the messy barn your home/office/car actually wants to be. Or is that just me?

I saw a deal on this and jumped on it. I need to find some better cleaning products that work as well as my current favorites but don’t hurt my lungs to use. Seriously, I use this toilet cleaning stuff that literally can be felt in my lungs if I don’t spray it and then run out of the room only to return after it does it’s work and aired out a bit. Otherwise it is chemical city… still it works sooooo well!

Cost:  $19.98 (This is with shipping) Right now they are offering 50% off as you sign up!

You get 3 full size products and they thrown in gifts! Yay for that!

You can choose from a lot of products so that you can decide which products you want to try. So you won’t end up with a bathtub cleaner if you don’t have one or something that you don’t need. They have a large number of products, so much so I had a tough time trying to pick.



The Box




Nice little greeting!




Better Life – Naturally Grime-Busting Kitchen and Bath Scrubber: I am all about getting the most powerful cleaning agents but have become afraid of how they can hurt me. So this natural product had me interested in its claims to be super powerful but not have anything in it that is scary.

I am planning a surprise grime attack… They won’t see it coming…


Steripod – Clip-on Toothbrush Protector: Yeah, so word is when you flush your toilet tons of little drops shoot up into the air and that is frightening to me on so many levels.  I like the look of these holders and thought I would try them out…

No potty mouth here! 


Method – Antibac Toilet: Yes I want a nice toilet so that guests don’t judge me and my cat… But I am so sick of my eyes burning with the products I use! I also want to be able to keep things fresh and clean in between deeper cleanings. This fit the bill!

It is spearmint scented. I just realized I somehow say that word with an “o” in it. Why do I do that?  


Seventh Generation – Disinfecting Wipes: I use a lot of these for the quick surface cleanings of counters. I even use them in my car because steering wheels get really gross. I can’t tell you the shock and horror I felt upon my first cleaning on my steering wheel…

I can hardly think back to it without never wanting to drive again…



++Bonus Free Gifts++

PhoneSoap – Liquid Cleaner

PhoneSoap Microfiber Patch

Refresh Your Car – Clean Your Car



Ohh I guess I also won a $10 giftcard!



Verdict: This is a nice subscription if you are looking to make cleaning a little more exciting and try out new things.The price of Squix seems reasonable and I can tell you that I have walked out of Target spending a lot more for a lot less.  I like that I can pause the date and skip shipments so that I don’t have too many cleaning products for my smallish place. Hopefully these products will get the job done because I am a messy beast!


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  2 comments for “SQUIX QBox Subscription Box Review + Coupon – July 2016

  1. July 21, 2016 at 5:35 pm

    I remember seeing the toilet particle segment in the Today show *shudders and re-resolves to keep the lid down*

    I usually use fake Clorox tablets for the toilet. I also used those gel thingies that you manually stuck with a thinge but then Squeak would get into it. We looked at the back for poison control but its “safe”. We did not re-purchase. Funny thing is she hasn’t played around the toilet since so the moral of the story is not to put anything fancy in your toilet when you have a toddler.

    I digress. Great review and hope you find your cleaning items you love! I recommend Method!

    • July 22, 2016 at 7:43 am

      haha I use the gel thingie too. I bought the drop in things but I bought blue by mistake and I won’t use it unless I have to. OH my!!! I thought about my cat trying to get into things so I keep everything closed tight. She is picky though and probably wouldn’t get into poison unless she was trying to shame me…

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