Field to Cup Review – February 2017

Subscription: Field to Cup

Cost: $24.97 for Monthly Tea Discovery Box, and $29.97 for Monthly Tea Discovery Box + [2oz extra tea]

What to Expect: “The only Tea Discovery Service that sends you high quality, fresh, and delicious teas, chosen for you every month.”


I’ve been searching for a tea subscription for a little while, and over Christmas I was given a lot of tea. So, naturally, when I saw that Field to Cup was offering a first month for $9.97 I jumped on it! This is a review of the Monthly Tea Discovery Box + [which gives you 2oz extra of tea in addition to everything else, and you get to choose from black, green, or herbal tea].

Field to Cup February 2017 subscription box review

So, what’s in this tea subscription box? Well, first I LOVE the box! A cool stamped logo and pretty string tied around makes for some happy mail! Also, this box includes:

  • 10gr each of 7 different teas, enough for 28+ cups.
  • Members-only 40% off teas from the current box.
  • 15% off all other items in store
  • Teas arrive in resealable tea pouches that protect your tea from moisture and light.
  • Steeping Guide with detailed preparation instructions and more.
  • Monthly Steeping Guide: Our Tea Discovery service gives you secret access to an exclusive Steeping Guide that’s sent out monthly. It’s filled with key information on how to prepare teas in different ways.
  • Discounts & First Access: 40% teas from the current box | 15% all other items in the store | First Access to exclusive teas
  • Free Tea Replacement: Any tea you don’t love gets replaced in next month’s box.
  • Tea Rewards: Earn 10 points for every dollar spent in our store, plus other rewards.
  • Free Shipping for your Tea Discovery box, and any order over $25

Field to Cup February 2017 subscription box review

I drink a lot of tea, but I also have a lot of tea, so I went in to my account right away and found that while it appears to have the option to let you set the order frequency, you actually have to click Manange > Pause or Skip, then select which months to skip. Also, there’s a section in Manage where you can change the type of box you’re getting! I moved mine down from Plus to the Tea Discovery for $24.97 and have every other month skipped.

Field to Cup February 2017 subscription box review

What you see in the box first is a guide to reading the tea labels, the teas, and a card with company info [no tea info].

Check out their handy dandy steeping guide for all of the February teas!

Field to Cup February 2017 subscription box review

What I saw next was an oily box! I left a comment on their page, and they responded right away offering to replace anything damaged. But, other than the box and a label nothing was damaged! So, all good in tea town =)

Field to Cup February 2017 subscription box review

Mixaroma Sensual Massage Oil: Price???

Right away I could smell rose [one of my least favorite scents aside from things that truly smell rancid], and it’s one of the last ingredients listed. Ah well, my roomie liked it.

Also, sidenote, why is it that small business websites/Etsy pages are often down right after I get something in a sub box?? My guess is that some take time to close for large orders. Also, their Facebook page is dedicated to random pictures and teas. Perhaps they’ve gone out of business? Any wildly speculative guesses??

Field to Cup February 2017 subscription box review

Tea Bags

I will use these! Sometimes I forget all of my strainers at home and then stare at the gross old tea bags at work and slump off.

Field to Cup February 2017 subscription box review

Black Teas

  • Organic Darjeeling Dream [5g sample]: a blend of first and second flush darjeeling tips
  • Caramel Creme [10g]: black pu’erh tea leaves, almond pieces, and natural flavoring
  • High Noon [10g]: black tea, green tea, jasmine petals, cornflower petals, natural flavoring
  • Mexican Hot Chocolate [5g sample]: apple, cacao beans, organic cardamom, organic chili flakes, chocolate bits, organic cinnamon, organic clove, natural cream flavor, organic ginger, organic black tea, organic peppermint, rooibos, and natural vanilla flavor

Thoughts: I usually avoid black tea because it’s all my dad drinks, and I’ve always found it to be temperamental and bitter. Turns out I’m just steeping it too long! But, that’s the temperamental part.

The Darjeeling Dream was wonderful! I brewed it perfectly the first time, and over steeped it the second. Ah well.

No idea what happened to this picture. I was cropping it and a weird line appeared and wouldn’t go away.

High Noon was so lovely with the light cornflower and jasmine petals. I need to put this on some sort of favorites list!

Caramel Creme and Mexican Hot Chocolate are up next to try–look at those awesome ingredients in the chocolate one!!

Field to Cup February 2017 subscription box review

Wellness Teas

  • Happy Day [2oz]: tulsi, anise, scullcap, lemon verbena, greenbush, orange peel, vanilla, and tropical flavor
  • Mindful Magic [10g]: raisins, apple pieces, mango cubes (mango, sugar), lemongrass, rose hip peel, hibiscus blossoms, orange peel, carrot peel, stinging nettle leaves, sweet mulberry leaves, tangerine pieces, cornflower-, mallow- and marigold blossoms, rose petals and buds, safflower

Thoughts: These teas were both awesome!

Happy Day was the first tea I opened. and it’s just a pleasant tea–very calming, and the ingredients are supposed to help your stress.

Mindful Magic was my favorite so far. It’s got a lot of ingredients like raisins and orange peel that I never thought I’d find in a tea. I sat and sipped this so fast, then ran to steep another cup!

Field to Cup February 2017 subscription box review

Green Teas

Thoughts: I’ve not tried either, but both sound interesting [other than the rose petals].

Field to Cup February 2017 subscription box review

Fruit Tea, Champagne Toast [10g]: apple pieces, papaya cubes (papaya, sugar), flavoring, rose petals, freeze-dried strawberry pieces, pink cornflower blossoms

Rooibos Tea, Belgian Kiss [10g]: rooibos, cacao nibs, calendula petals, natural flavoring

Thoughts: My sister tried the Champagne Toast and really liked it–I thought it smelled wonderful! I love Rooibos but haven’t tried this little tasty treat yet, but when I do I will be adding milk and honey.

Field to Cup February 2017 subscription box review

Happy Day

Field to Cup February 2017 subscription box review

High Noon


Verdict:loved this box!! The teas were mostly out of my comfort zone and not things I would think to try, for the most part, so I was pleased with how much I’ve liked the ones I’ve opened so far. While rose things are never a hit with me, I was able to gift the oil to my roomie, along with a rose candle from Allure, so happy anniversary to her hah.

Overall, this box sent 4.8oz / 136.7g of tea, plus a bottle of oil, and a few teabags for $29.97, which is roughly $5.50 per oz [I took off $4 for the unknown priced goodies]. For introducing me to 10 new teas with free shipping, I’m pretty happy with that!

My only current suggestion is that they add a favorites list so I can remember teas I like later even if I don’t want to buy them right away.

Field to Cup February 2017 subscription box review


What did you think? Do you have any favorite teas? Did any of these appeal to you? Do you despise tea and want to karate chop it out of people’s hands? Let us know!

Disclaimer: I purchase this box at a discounted introductory price. There is a referral link where I get 20pts/$1 for every $15 you spend.

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  1. Artemis
    February 22, 2017 at 6:45 pm

    Wow, gorgeous pictures! Great review too. Some loose teas smell and look so delicious, but I can’t bring myself to cheat on coffee.

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