Pamper Yourself: What Candle are You Burning?

Spoilers: FabFitFun Add On and Box Preview!


Hi! How are you? What are you up to?

So sorry you know usually I do a whole bunch of reviews the end of the month as my boxes come in but its been pretty busy with the school year ending for two of my squeakers. And I started up working on the garden too. And allergies. I should have more reviews up in the coming days 🙂


I digress, today’s candle is…

summer & rose Rose Quartz Gemstone Candle

summer & rose Rose Quartz Gemstone Candle

I recently fell down the FabFitFun rabbit hole. Hard. I think I was sold when the Coola Sunscreen spoiler came out and most of you know that I adore anything Coola. I did a yearly because I.Wanted.Full.Customization.Power.

And then there was the Add On Sale (hello today’s candle). The first few minutes I was like I do not need this stuff. But then I added one thing. And an hour later, I had a few things. And within the next 24 hours I stalked and got my whole wishlist of items. Then the whittling began. I almost purchased the other Jasmine candle but just settled on this one Peony candle. This is a light Peony scent and there should be a rose quartz stone somewhere within the wax.

This summer & rose Rose Quartz Gemstone Candle retailed for $44 but I think I got it for $9 or $11? I would repurchase it again if it popped up in a future FFF sale.

The plate is from Pier 1 and it was the one in this Summer’s FabFitFun box. It came in a Pier 1 box but interestingly there is no label/markings on the underside of the plate saying its from Pier 1. I plan on using this little plate to hold candles.


Did you jump on the FabFitFun wagon too? Tempted by the FFF Add On Sale?
Burning any candles (or ploughing through your subscription box stash) recently?
Of course, random commentary is accepted!!!
Send any pictures of lighted candles
random decent pictures (fur babies accepted) to pnutatsubscriptionista at gmail dot com!
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  3 comments for “Pamper Yourself: What Candle are You Burning?

  1. June 5, 2018 at 3:51 pm

    I bought a bunch of new candles recently!! B&BW had a $12.50 candle sale again, then this place my sister got me an AMAZING candle from was having a sale, so I bought three gemstone candles. I want to say Jax and Kelly?? Too lazy to google…

    • June 5, 2018 at 7:18 pm

      I just looked it Jax and Kelly sale must have ended but I am on their email blast list. The candles look awesome plus their jewelry though I wouldn’t buy thst. I hope to get druzy earrings in a sub box one of these days my earholes would be pissed but just once in awhile couldn’t hurt (well it would hurt for a bit).
      Share the candle haul deets please 🙂 I am slowing down on my candle lust but plan on stocking up at the BBW December sale online at the latest!

    • July 4, 2018 at 8:59 am

      PSA only today at BBW with code YESPLEASE ($10 off $30) there are a select candles that are as low as $10 online. I just bought 3 NY candles for just under $30 with ship!

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