Winter Is Here: Subless Sunday – April 2019

This goes beyond Game of Throne’s Season 8 Episode 3 tonight!

Winter had arrived again in Chicago it has been raining, snowing, and snow raining the last few hours. 


What do on a Subless Sunday but begin my day by blogging after midnight.

No sheet mask for me today.


I continue to dig into my sheet mask sub box stash lately since the weather dipped below 40 degrees a few weeks ago. I have done very good but these sheet masks keep multiplying like bunnies!

One in this box and then another.


And then 4 appeared from the April Tony Moly monthly box!

Everything looked so much more cuter (and useful) than last month’s offerings. Then I realized I have to hold off on using half the products because they contain retinol stuff and I am still nursing. *shrugs*


I am also definitely getting a sheet mask in May because I was one of the lucky Birchbox Aces to “snap up” that coveted skincare kit during May customization.

Or as Birchbox calls it “swap”. *shrugs again*


PSA I will be doing a major Birchbox review of all the samples up for May since I practically sampled them all!

No seriously, its not like the Pusheen boxes I promise to review but failed to do, I actually blogged most of it yesterday after midnight so I have gotten to the point of no return so that will be a big Birchbox review post!


I digress (and get to the point why I am blogging tonight),

I just got my Oui Please 4.3 box in the mail yesterday (Saturday) and I am LOVING it!!!

And yes, I did start blogging that post after midnight so you will see that review up eventually!


With every spoiler from Oui Please being spoiled, I got closer and closer to purchase the box but I held off.

I think the nom (macarons) was really tempting. You know I like it when sub boxes contain a nom.


Even when Oui Please 4.3 had the filt french bag spoiler, I was like “Hmmmm… I want that but with longer handles let me go to the Amazon” and bought this.

And I thought I could go FOMO free. Oui Please 😉


AND then Oui Please 4.3 had THE NERVE to have a gorgeous French made dish brush!

What is it with me!?!


My monthly Grove Co boxes (see our reviews here) motivates me to clean and apparently a fancy cleaning item from France totally siren calls me and makes me instantly purchase a sub box!

It’s a nice well-made dish brush in case you were wondering. It made me wash the dishes. 


So my questions are:

Have you substituted buying an available sub box with an online store purchase?

and (bonus points)

where you able to NOT purchase the sub box or did you succumb to

FOMO (fear of missing out)?


Share below answers to the above or anything random

or (triple bonus points)

any sub boxes you are looking forward in May!


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