Foxy Boxes Subscription Review (Gym Goer) – October 2015

Foxy Boxes is a subscription that understands that while we all wake up super foxy awesome, some of us appreciate any help to maximize all the hard work we put into it! I personally was super excited when I found out about this subscription because there are so many options to fit your lifestyle. I mean how many Vegan fitness related boxes are out there? Seriously.

I decided to go with the Gym Goer Box because I felt it would be the most useful for you all to see. I also need ANY help I can get to help me stay in shape. I can’t keep wearing yoga pants everyday just to drink wine in front of the fire with my cat while binge watching Golden Girls.


Cost: $29.99 or less a month. You can choose between Paleo, Vegan, Endurance, and Gym-Goer


Foxy Boxes


Yeah it has pretty much the cutest branding ever!


Foxy Boxes


Salba – Chia Seeds: I love chia seeds! I love to put them into yogurt or sneak them on into oatmeal. I feel by eating them that birds will like me better. Also, I like to feel like I am doing something wonderful for myself with very little effort. These have 8x more Omega-3 than salmon which rocks because I don’t eat salmon. I don’t like to anger bears by eating their food…

These chia seeds are “smarter than your average chia” and are so smart they can beat me at Sudoku.


R Bar – Prickly Pear Pecan Bar: For a smallish bar this is sure has a heft to it! I bet I could eat this whole bar and be full for a long time. It is made from only 7 ingredients which is rare for any bar. Usually I find bars have a zillion things in them and I only know about half of them. This is a refreshing energy bar because of the prickly pear and lemon.

This R Bar would totally win at a carnival if someone tried to guess its weight!


Foxy Boxes


Manitoba Harvest – Hemp Pro 70 (Vanilla): I have received a sample of this in another box and really liked it. I think it is because the flavor isn’t gritty and it doesn’t hurt my tummy. I used to know someone who would only use water to mix their shakes and the thought makes me sort of want to die. In other words, I usually fix this with milk or pop it into… you guessed it! Yogurt!

I hide everything in yogurt!


Manitoba – Hemp Hearts: If I told my mom how much I enjoy eating hemp she would think I had turned into some pot smoking hippie. Then we would get into an argument about hemp and how it isn’t pot. Then I would probably guilt her into making me some banana pudding with Nilla wafers. Wait, was I talking about? Oh yeah, hemp hearts! So you take these and sprinkle them on cereal or emm hmm yogurt (eat more yogurt people).

They really do have nice flavor that easily mixes and the nutrition is a great kick for those wanting to pack some extra good in their day. Come on, you know you wanna!

The fact that these are hemp hearts make me feel pretty hard core of eating them! I am savage!


Foxy Boxes – Oatmeal: I had no idea this was even a possibility! A company that has over 22 billion combinations of oatmeal that you can order customized just for you. This is the perfect gym goer or healthy eater dream! Seriously! I am so excited about putting together my own oatmeal order that I want to finish up this review to put in my order. Now when I have my oats I can loudly exclaim to everyone how they are custom made, for me, because I am worth it. Every. Single. Morning.

I am totallllly going to put a bunch of chocolate and bad things in my oats but will tell myself it is healthy. Yes, I will be adding freeze dried ice cream!


Foxy Boxes


Fusion Jerky – Lemon Pepper Artisan Chicken Jerky: As you all know I don’t eat chicken on account of my hen Camilla. The weird thing is when I pulled this out of the box she just thought it was made BY chickens. Phew! I think for someone who works out or is trying to be healthy a chicken jerky is a great portable option to get a snack and protein. I wish veggie jerky were even close to as good as this looks.

Don’t worry I won’t let Camilla have any… shhhhh


Foxy Boxes


Runa – Clean Energy (Berry): Every try an energy drink only to feel like you were going to be sick about an hour later? I have. I remember once I had an energy drink before a work out because I needed the boost to get my butt out of the car and I swore my heart was going to beat right out of my chest. I still like energy drinks, because who are we kidding? I am into anything that will help me work out.

This uses organic naturally occurring caffeine from the Guayusa plant. Do you think I can make a salad with it?


Foxy Boxes


Fuel for Fire – Fruit + Protein (Mixed Berry): I want to have one of these in reach of me at all times! I am not sure how good these were before they made them with more berry flavor but I love the entire berry I can get. These are perfect for anyone working out because you can get the protein you need, without worrying about making a shake.

How long before car blenders come out?


Foxy Boxes


Bioterra Herbs – Boing Energy: I am dubious of any pill that doesn’t include a drug in it. Like, come on give me that pure grade energy ammirite? Kidding aside this is meant to give you a little boost in a natural way without you having to break out a drink or shot. I personally like to get my energy through by huffing cat, but that’s me.

I never knew there was a Schisandra fruit… I wonder if they were named after my mom?


Foxy Boxes


Anti Monkey Butt – Anti Friction Powder: I think this is actually pretty genius. Anti friction powder is usually marketed toward men and as a chick I never thought to try it out. But when I get sweaty and lift anything heavy I have weird spots where my sports bra rubs and this helps with that. I don’t get the “monkey butt” but then, I don’t have much of a butt. It is more of upper, upper, thigh area. I am working on it…

This is made by the Anti Monkey Butt Corporation, and I can imagine how proud everyone is to say where they work!


Foxy Boxes


Natural Aloha – Pit Balm: This is a natural and organic deodorant that is made in Hawaii with Aloha! Yay! I have been more and more impressed with natural deodorant lately. When I first tried to use products like this it was a disaster. One time I tried one and it smelt so bad ALREADY that it made me feel like I had rubbed someone else’s sweat all over my clean pits. It was traumatic.

Anyway enough about that and more about this! I like the idea of using more natural stuff, and I could see putting this on right before a work out. I dig that Foxy Boxes decided to put this in my box because it works really well and is now on my before lifting to do list!

Don’t worry it smells pretty neutral and does will not make you smell like you spent the night sleeping in a tree.




Also included were these smaller samples of Matcha, Egyptian Magic Skin Cream, Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream!

It should also be noted that almost every one of these products had a coupon code so that I could reorder my favorites at a discount!




Verdict: This box was ridiculously full of items to help spice up my work outs. I appreciate that Foxy Boxes leans toward more natural products that are healthy and effective. I also like the brands that they chose to include! The Anti Monkey Butt makes me laugh every single time I see it. It is like a giggle in a bottle. I also found a really effective natural deodorant which is insane!


Disclosure: This box was sent to me for my honest review. There are no affiliate links in this post!

  6 comments for “Foxy Boxes Subscription Review (Gym Goer) – October 2015

  1. November 17, 2015 at 8:26 pm

    Yummy review and I am on a “seafood diet”. I always wanted to try out Egytian Magic one of these days BB will grace me with a sample. I am going to see that oatmeal site. I am on a diet too so my oatmeal NEEDS stuff like chocolate and freeze dried ice cream. You better not be kidding about that freeze dried ice cream that is genius!

    • Subscriptionista
      November 17, 2015 at 8:31 pm

      The hilarious thing is that I am NOT kidding about freeze dried ice cream. I want us all to put together a blend and name it. It will have all these sweets in it… but mix well with wine and beer. I lose weight the fastest when I drink a ton of tea and water. First I get all bloated and then BAM

      • November 17, 2015 at 8:57 pm

        If you add too many toppings you get a pop up stating nicely that this is an customized oatmeal subscription not a oatmeal topping subscription. Or something close to that.

        *wants a oatmeal topping breakfast without the oatmeal now*

        They have marketed chocolate that pairs well with wine. That should go well our SUBISTA oatmeal. And I am sure that chocolate covered pretzel balls would compliment having our oatmeal with beer.

        • Subscriptionista
          November 17, 2015 at 9:17 pm

          HAHAHAHA! I can’t believe you pushed their limit!!!! LOVE IT!

  2. November 20, 2015 at 8:42 pm

    Egyptian Magic Cream is amazing. I think my favorite is anti monkey butt!

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