Yuzen Subscription Box Review-Spring 2016

Yuzen box:
Ships: Quarterly
Cost: $33 (includes shipping)
Contents:Each box includes high-quality natural and organic personal care products, healthy snacks, and lifestyle items carefully chosen from about 6 companies” (Directly from the source)


In high paced world of subscription boxes where social media, spoilers and high retail values often draw the crowds and hype, there exists Yuzen box. A quiet corner to pause and rest. This box is created by a husband and wife team out of Colorado and is based on a concept called Yuzen that centers around the pattern and structure of Japanese fabrics. Here is a description from their website, “When making selections for each box, we always look for excellence, mission, and integrity before we put it to our Yuzen test—evaluating its performance, experiencing the benefits first-hand, and then sharing our favorites with you.”


Their presentation is flawless. It is a treat to open from start to finish (and the finish usually involves you eating the yummy snack they included).


A beautiful piece of Japanese paper adorns the items.


The items wrapped in a pretty bag.


Info card detailing the item and why they chose it.


MyChelle Refining Sugar Cleanser

This is my second full sized sample of this stuff. I also received it in my Good Being box a few months ago. I am almost finished with the first one so I am glad to have more. It is very gentle for a sugar cleanser (sometimes I use it every day). It gives you the rare sensation of moisturizing as well as exfoliating.

Gentle but action packed. Just how I like my…………….. Cleanser (get your mind out of the gutter….)


Aura Cacia Mineral Bath

I can never have enough bath soaks. I feel about getting bath soaks the way other people feel about getting lip balm in subscription boxes. The more the merrier! I plan on using this during the week so check back on Saturday’s trash talk for a full review. I am slightly worried about how strong the Ylang Ylang scent will be.

I have learned that I like my Ylang Ylang scents on the milder side so basically short one Ylang.


80 Acres Blood Orange Hand and Body Lotion

When I looked this company up I did a double take. It is basically the pet project of a winery. The started out growing olive oil and then started doing stuff with it like eatin it and puttin it in lotion! The first four ingredients are water, aloe, sunflower oil and olive oil. The scent is nice and not over-powering.

It’s too bad they didn’t send some of their wine as a sidekick to the lotion….


Aimee Raupp Beauty “Love” aromatherapy stick

Essential oils are pretty hot right now. Depending on your degree of hippy/crunchy/granola/natural and etc, you may have heard of them. It is most likely that one of your friends has tried to sell them to you.  If not then come spend an hour on Maui and someone will try to rub them on you or at least try to facebook “friend” so that they can try to sell them to you. Any-hoo, they are actually pretty great (no I don’t sell them). This is an aromatherapy version infused with essential oils that are supposed to unlock joy and love.

Remind me to place this by my bed so when my child wakes up at 4 am bright eyed and bushy tailed I can roll some on and stroll into his room full of love and joy…..


Nothin but pure goodness in here!

20160211_101110-1Wei of Chocolate

The team at Yuzen picks the best snacks. I imagine picking the snacks is the best part of their job. These are designed to be melted in the mouth (no chewing) as you experience happiness and delight in the flavor. I can say they are delightful but that I consumed them prior to reading the no chewing rule……

YUM! And they have a subscription service!


Everbelle Ultimate multi-purpose balm

Coconut oil in a tin with some oils? Yes please. Who doesn’t need more coconut oil for the stuff that ails you. My favortite part is that you can throw this tin in your purse for easy transport.

Multi-purpose? So if I run out of olive oil for my eggs??


Eslor Chlorophyll Lifting Mask

This stuff has seaweed, milk proteins, and plant extracts in it. All working together to reduce fine lines and improve circulation. It has such fancy presentation that I might save it as a gift.

Survey Says:
To me this box hits it out of the park on value and curation. Every box has 2-3 brands that you have never seen in subscription boxes. Plus it seems like they work hard to mix up their variety of samples. If you want to check out their previous boxes here are my winter and fall reviews (Warning: this take you back to my old blog where I was lonely and longed for blogging buddies. We are working on moving my old stuff over but there are so many boxes and so little time).

This box is packed with floral and citrus scents and makes you think that Spring is just around the corner. Or if you live on Maui then you start thinking about mango season (which is in April/May!)

  6 comments for “Yuzen Subscription Box Review-Spring 2016

  1. February 13, 2016 at 6:48 pm

    Mango season!!! Mmmm…

    This is a really great review I saw the spoilers and was not interested but your review… Yuzen is one of the few boxes I get without a code lpbecause they hardly have codes sadly lol.

    • February 13, 2016 at 9:41 pm

      They do such a good job of finding affordable natural stuff. Which is nice because if you fall in love with it then you can actually afford to buy more!

  2. Niblet
    February 13, 2016 at 7:59 pm

    I’ve dropped all my sub boxes for 2016 except for Yuzen & Birch box. I even gave Yuzen gift boxes to a couple of my picky in-laws for the holidays.

    • February 13, 2016 at 9:39 pm

      I am pretty amazed at how they do it. The winter box was so so wonderful. They totally put their heart into it!! What was your favorite item from this box?

      • Niblet
        February 14, 2016 at 7:47 am

        Besides the yummy chocolate snack!! So far the sugar scrub & the lotion. I love 80 Acres products, my lotion is lavender. I will probably dig into the mask next week, I’m going to try the as an eye makeup remover. Seriously I just love the Yuzen boxes, this is my fourth box from them. I’m kicking myself for not ordering a holiday gift box for myself, I gifted 4 of them to friends and family. Their customer service is great too, you can tell they care about the products and they care about their business.

        • February 14, 2016 at 9:55 am

          I was totally shocked the Chai chocolate was my favorite. Who knew that would be a great combo!! That is a great idea to use the oil as a makeup remover!!

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