Cat Lady Box Subscription Review & Coupon – May 2016

Cat Lady Box is the first subscription box for cats and the ladies who love them. Anyone who reads this blog already knows how into kitties we all are and when Sub Bella told me about this subscription you know I had to have it! Cat Lady Box donates 5% of all profits to cat rescue organizations, seek to feature small independent artists, and tries to redefine what the world thinks of crazy cat ladies.

I am all for those things! As a Cat Lady myself I am tired of people assuming that after a long day I retire to a dark basement and after putting on my tattered and worn robe, I trod along the carpet covered in cat hair to toss kibble about for my army of cats. No, no! After a long a long day I slink home, open a bottle of wine, feed my cat, and then blog about it! Totally different. 

Cost: There are two options to choose from: CatLadyBox ($34.99 a month and cheaper with a longer subscription) which contains 2-3 items and Crazy CatLadyBox ($39.99 a month and cheaper with a longer subscription) which includes everything in the CatLadyBox plus 2 items for your kitty. You can cancel or switch at anytime.

Use code SUBSCRIPTIONISTA and save 10% on any option and length of subscription!

cat lady box



cat lady box

Info card


cat lady box

Maya Mladenovic – Artistic Side of Life: I think I see the world through kitty lenses so this is the perfect little print for me to put up! I really like her art and am so wanting to buy this cat lady print! Like SO MUCH! I think it is cool that this artist in in England because now I feel like I own something “international.”

Yes, my art tastes span beyond ALL borders


cat lady box

cat lady box

CatLadyBox – Mother of the Worlds Cutest Cat Shirt: I love getting clothing that allows me to express how much I love my cat. I really like how soft the material is! It fits me just the way I like my tshirts to fit. I like them just a wee bit loose. I wear these shirts to be comfortable after all!

I would say that my kitty is the worlds cutest but sadly she is not. She is the cutest in my heart though, so there is that. I love how goofy my little Sophia von Bearcat de Coronado looks. So in a way, all the kitties in the world are the worlds cutest.

Like if you think about it

cat lady box

CatLadyBox – World’s Best Cat Mom Mug: I have a lot of mugs, and this one has made it into the rotation. I like that it reminds me of those 80s Worlds Best mugs. When I drink from it I will be letting everyone know what I think I am. Because we all know my cat doesn’t have any money to buy me anything and if she did, she would not buy me this. She is always reminding me of the ways I can do more for her so I pretty sure she would just use the cash to buy treats for herself.

Purrfect for drinking box wine out of! 


cat lady box

CatLadyBox – Shining Star Cat Earrings: These are cute and simple. Not all together my taste but not all together not my taste. I will wear them I am sure because I love anything kitty. I am just glad that they are simple and not to out there.

Which begs the question of what really out there cat lady earrings would even look like? I am thinking maybe stuffed animal cats hanging from each ear that meow randomly and hiss when you touch them…

It will be a super subtle way to let people know, yes, that is cat hair on my pants.


—-Below are the items that come with the Crazy Cat Lady Box Option—-

cat lady box

Imperial Cat – Catnip Heart: My kitty loves these little type of toys to get her chew on. This will last her about week before she tears it to pieces. A whole week where I won’t have to worry about her chewing my computer cables!

I wonder if she is also a heart breaker?

Looples – Flower: This is so cute and the kitty loves it! I like the feeling of giving the kitty a flower. I feel romantic in a way. A sort of romantic who knows the flower will need to be one that can safely be chewed on!

Or it can be worn in a lapel! 


cat lady box

Verdict: Cat Lady Box is basically the best kitty subscription ever! There are things for you, and your kitties! I love that! In one box I basically got an outfit and box wine mug that tells people everything I wish to say. I am noticing more and more special CatLadyBox products which isn’t a big problem for me because the products have been really good!


Happy kitty!


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Disclosure: This subscription was paid for by me and there are no affiliate links in this post!

  4 comments for “Cat Lady Box Subscription Review & Coupon – May 2016

  1. Laura
    May 30, 2016 at 8:55 am

    As a fellow cat lady(4) I appreciate that they send goodies for you and for your babies! As for the tee shirt and earrings, not my taste as I much prefer my kitties to get cat hair on designer clothes such as Kenar and Calvin Klein (lol) Suggestion for a future box- sharable snack!

    • May 30, 2016 at 1:40 pm

      LOL You can’t get any better than cat hair on finery! The shareable snack is SUCH a good idea!

  2. Sub Bella
    June 4, 2016 at 8:14 am

    Sophia von Bearcat de Coronado is adorable.

    • June 9, 2016 at 6:21 pm

      Thanks girl! I love all your kitties as well!!!!! You always have the cutest pics!

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