Out Of The Box Sampler Bodaciously Bigger Box Subscription Box Review – May 2016

Subscription: Out of the Box Sampler


One-time only boxes sold on a first come first serve basis with free shipping!

Sometimes three month subscriptions are offered for the regular size sampler.

There are up to three boxes each month-

Mini Sampler (8-9 samples): $13.95

Regular Size Sampler (15-17 samples): $27.00

Bodaciously Bigger Box (31-32 samples): $52.95

What to Expect:

Out of the Box Sampler is a awesome box for those who want to support local business but are overwhelmed with the vast variety of options. Most of these contributors are Etsy shops and/or online businesses selling food, candles, tarts, and goodies for your face and body. Boxes are usually put for sale in the beginning of each month and sell within hours or days! You can check out the monthly themes here and view Out of the Box’s Facebook page here to see some vendor spoiler previews on the day of when the monthly box goes on sale.

Master stalker here making it easier for you to stalk subscription boxes!

Kick Back and Get Comfortable: 

This month was themed as a “Tree-Mendous” Eco Friendly Sampler. There was a $28 regular box (which contained 15-17 items) and the $52.95 Bodaciously Bigger Box (which contained 31-32 items). I bought the Bodaciously Bigger Box which sold out in hours. The regular box sold out in a few days time.

Out Of The Box Sampler May 2016 Bird’s Eye View

Keep in mind that some products are heavily scented!

Out Of The Box Sampler May 2016 Insert

Straight out of a color printer for your viewing pleasure!

Of course I go for the edible portion first!!!

The Edible Portion Quarantined In Bag Form


I opened up the nom goodies in bag form and this is what we have…



Ken’s Airy Crunch Peanut Brittle I never knew until now that I must warrant all brittle to be eaten by me to be airy.

Nomalicious! Airy as I demand brittle now to be!


Fat Cat Bake Shop- Almond Green Tea Sugar Cookies

I am sorry but if the cat in the bake shop is fat, it is not because of these cookies. OK maybe as the bag was greasy. My Pnut people (AKA my wee humans) would not eat these and they are not scared of green food. I wished for some sort of chocolate or tempting caloric goodness instead. I think I like my cookies with some chunky decadent bits in them for the most part.

I want what the Fat Cat in the sticker is eating!


The Bauble Corner

Beachbody Independent Coach- Bracelet

Went straight to my girls who squirreled it away. Lost card. Slight stalking for card with no results for a link.

Baubles have magical disappearing properties.


I am too cool I am my own magnet corner

Hug a Tree With Me– Mixed media art magnet

I am not a magnet person. This magnet may turn me into a magnet person. It is awesome and very well professionally crafted. I have it on my washer or dryer so the weeist of my Pnut people, Squeakette, can play with it. Which usually means one of her older sisters will move it somewhere too. At least they squirrel it away to somewhere magnetic.


Laundry Nut Department

Gaia’s Garden- Soap Nuts

Finally I get my paws on some (soap) nuts! And I would buy a bag of nuts just because. But no. I cannot remember to check my nuts to see if they need replacement because of shrinkage and it totally stresses me out to dig for nuts in the dryer before I turn the dryer on for fear of setting a fire. Nuts should be roasted and not set on fire.

Silly Pnut, fires are for candles, not nuts.

PSA: Don’t light anyone’s nuts on fire.


The Lippy Category

Summer’s Skin Lip Balm in Berry Mint

This went to my Pnut people so I can borrow it for a quick lippy fix if I ever find it.

LLS Body Care–  Organic Lip Butter in Chai-Town

Also went to my Pnut people for the same reason.

Wild Appalachian Vanilla Lip Balm

I do not like vanilla so this is going to the gift pile.

Vanilla = Not Pnut lippy fix worthy. Gift Pile For You!!!


Crochet Corner

Jodi’s Craft Emporium Face Scrub

Not sure about using it. Gave it to my Pnut people. Squirreled away in seconds.


From the Zit Zapping Center

Mother’s Nature Store Zit Zapper Balm

I put this aside so I can zap my future zits with it.

From The Cleaning Department

Backyard Patch– Lemongrass Scented Dusting Cloth

Lemongrass with overpowering vinegar in a fancy cloth which is a crunchy person’s dream (if said crunchy person likes vinegar). Bleh. I cannot get over the vinegar. Vinegar stench aside, this does work.

I totally a crunchy-wannabe.


I Scare Face Mask Section

MacSuds Soap Company- Turmeric Face Masks.

Because I can’t even with having muddy towels anymore.

Gift Pile For You!


The Soap Me Up Goats Category

Hanna Herbals– Soap in Meadow

Smells like a meadow should. So cutely packaged this is going in the gift pile as an extra.

Zola Jae Glycerin Soap

Sample too small for me to bother with. Off to the giveaway pile it goes.

Voodoo Herbs- Glycerin Soap Samples

Too small for me to bother with but not for my wee ones. Placed these little leaf-shaped glycerin soaps on a plate for them to lather up in their bathroom sinks.

Because sisters really should need two sinks in a bathroom even in their wee-hood.

Live Love Simple BodyCare Plumeria Calendula Topped Hand and Body Soap Sample

Too small for me to bother with BUT PLUMERIA. Exception made for Hawaiian scents.

Hypocrisy noted.

H&V Natural Bath Products All Natural Unscented Olive Oil and Goat’s Milk Castile Soap Slice

This has Goat’s milk. Off to a Subsista sister. Because Goat.

Misty HIlls Soap Co.– Full Size Soap Bar in Goat’s Milk Oatmeal

All together now… Because Goat.

Home And Family Premium Soap Goat’s Milk Sample in Sweet Orange

All together now… Because Goat.

For those new readers that are like What-The

is she talking about these goats…

We at Subscriptionista have a theory that items in subscription boxes are ran by goats.

The tip-off was when one box review had most if not all items made from goat’s milk.

The goats are on to us…

From The Scrub Me Department

Sweet N Salty Bath Shop– Body Scrub in Coconut Cream

Ok I LOVE this. I put it on dry and it is GRITTY and gives all sorts of scrubbing action then literally MELTS AWAY when it touches the water. I have a friend in Wentzville, MO and I need to let her know about this vender. Who knows, Wentzville is a small town they could know each other. Or maybe I will be pimping my friend out to her newfound addiction to body scrub.

Pimping out products is my dealio!

A Trio of Lotions & Potions

A Couple of Old Goats- Goat Milk & Honey Lotion in oatmeal milk & honey

This will go to a Subsista sister’s box. Likely Mailbox Junkie!

Because Goat.

Joie Joelle Creations Enchantment Whipped Butter Body Lotion

This is going to the sexiest Subista sista Subscriptionista. I call her my Beautiful Blond Bombshell (BBB)!

4 Twisted Tarts Organic Lotion Bar

This glittery heart is going to Onderria to remind her of her trip to Hawaii since its got kukui nut oil.


The Scent Me Corner

Willow & Birch Apothecary Perfume Oil in English Fog Scent.

This item was delivered by fairies (see my fairy door series here). I figured since it was natural I would give it to my Pnut people. I hated the scent. Pipsqueak, the eldest of my Pnut people, liked it. I tried to tolerate it but I could not. It was like I was stuck in an English Fog and I could not escape the scent followed me everywhere I went. I ended up emptying out the oil and so she or I can reuse it.

Compromise. Party of One.

Country Pure Handmade Natural Soaps & Body Essentials– Egyptian Dragon Perfume

This was a fairy delivery as well since it was a natural product. It went to Squeak, the baby dragon (i.e., my girl in toddler form is obsessed with wearing a baby dragon costume she even got two larger ones for her birthday)! I digress, the packaging was really cute and had blue hearts in a spray bottle form. I would have taken a picture but it is squirrelled somewhere. I had forgotten the scent but it was pleasant and did not fog up my mind.

Baby dragons like Egyptian Dragon perfumes!

Bare Naked Bath- Solid Perfume Sample

Too cute to use so I am putting it in the gift pile as a nice extra!


The “Fire! Fire!” Category

Lux Illume Soy Candle Jar in Balsam & Cedar Scent

This smells like fall trees. Not winter or holiday trees. Fall trees.

I have no clue whether there is a perfume line out there that markets Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn Trees. Sounds like a good idea. I could make millions.

House of Puff– Soy Jar Candle in Lovespell

OMG I love this brand name House of Puff! I also like the scent I received which was Lovespell because it reminded me of a lotion a BFF gave me a long time ago when it was really cool to gift a Victoria Secret scent than a Bath and Body Works scent because Cucumber Melon, Sun Ripened Raspberry, and Juniper Berry was no longer in. The candle burned nicely and I put the jar in the freezer so I can chop off the remaining wax so I can repurpose the jar but I will probably forget and end up throwing out the container.

I still have the jar in the freezer.


And now we go back down memory lane with melting wax tarts…

Wax Melt Tart Tarts

I say memory lane because as a hoarder, I actually threw out my wax warmers ages ago which was a big deal I thought I was done with tarts.

Wrong. I should not LET IT GO.

So I needed a new tart warmer. I was not sure whether I wanted to re-start another addiction as I am still on a candle kick, so I bought something practical for the special occasions. And I got so excited when I found it!!!

Mickey Mouse Mug and Mug/Tart Warmer

Mickey Mouse Mug and Mug/Tart Warmer: why yes I did but this from the Amazon. And I would have gotten Minnie but the jungle wanted her for a song.


A backside of Mickey and cool detail on the mug/tart warmer

Hey for that price I got a backside. And look at the Mouse Detail on the warmer! Very pleased (and so was Pipsqueak, the receiver of the mug).


Tart Warmer in Action!

Galaxy Candles Candied Lavender Martini Tart

Oh my cuteness see how the Mickey Mouse light switch decal lights up!

I liked this scent. Its got candied lavender and alcohol scent goodness. And glorious mica for the melted sparkle goodness. The lavender pouch adds points to the packaging.

Pouches are a good thing.

FYI the warmer used is from a Trader Joes creme brulee container (I think its either two or four in a box in the frozen section). I stopped buying the brulee when I finished collecting these cute containers which have a plastic top lol.

Hopefully they still exist if you want to add some to you hoarding pile as well!



The Ugly Ducklings Designs Orange Creamsicle Tart

I am not sure about the scent there but it was ok. For the record, I do not like orange creamsicles but if I did I would be all over this scent!

I like oranges so maybe I liked this tart 50%.

FYI the warming container pictured came from CB2 it is one of their mini appetizer bowls.


Waxes not shown melted down…

Scent Logic Shot Pot Wax Melt Cup in Twilight’s Kiss

I am too picky about vanilla scents but this tart is very pretty! I am putting this in the gift pile for a fellow wax tart warmer person.

Kokopelli Candle Wax Tart in Lavender

I did melt this one and I LOVED it. Kokopelli reminds me of Hawaii because I think I relate it to Hawaiian Koa wood for some reason. Maybe Mailbox Junkie has some more insight unless I made it up in my head.

Candle Confectionery Wax Tarts in Strawberry and Blueberry

These tarts smell yummy! I recently just melted the Strawberry and it smells like a mouthwatering watermelon Jolly Rancher. It could be strawberry scented but it just reminds me of a Jolly Rancher which does not have a strawberry flavor.

I have not melted the Blueberry scent yet but its next in line!


Out Of The Box May 2016

Verdict: This was my first Out of the Box Sampler order. I am happy that I was able to snap up the bodiaciously bigger box. I like supporting small businesses. I would have wished more vendors would have kept more with the Eco theme by having natural products though but it was not enough to stop me from ordering. I kept most of the goodies and will gift away the rest of the goodies! I will be purchasing Out Of The Box Samplers’s “Eco” month in 2017 most definitely.

You can see Out Of The Box Sampler’s past and future monthly themes here. Also on the “buy in” date you can check Out Of The Box Sampler’s FB page for a preview of some vendor spoiler shots see here!


***See our Out Of The Box Reviews HERE***

What did you think of my Out Of The Box Bodaciously Bigger Box?

Share your thoughts below no matter how succinct or random!

Disclaimer: I bought this box with my own clams. There are affiliate links to this post.


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  1. May 30, 2016 at 7:10 am

    Why have I never heard of this box??? Omgsh so awesome!! That is so much stuff! I am totally going to be watching for the June box!! I love supporting smaller companies!

    • May 30, 2016 at 8:59 am

      Thank you for commenting everythingnothin! It was awesome getting a box chock full of goodies! I am sure you will love Out Of The Box Sampler too!

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        I love Etsy and just can’t say NO to a good Etsy box haha!

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          I know it was huge!
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    Wow! I’ve never heard of this either, but I will keep an eye out for it now! So much stuffs for squirreling away and gifting. That’s a wise PSA. No one will appreciate it if you set their nuts on fire. 🙂

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      The more you know…

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