Craftly Subscription Box Review – September 2016

Craftly is not a craft subscription box. No, it is actually a subscription that sends out lifestyle items curated by the founders Adam Montoya and Cathy Diep, along with their team. I imagine what being on such a team must be like. Sorting through tons of cute fun items, and deciding what will work and what won’t.


Some things I imagine saying if I were in a round table on the team curating the box:

“Oh this deer hoof shaped mimosa cup is great but it does not say anything to me!”

“I just don’t understand why there aren’t more items made with pure American Domestic cat hair!”

“Lets have a box dedicated to left handed people!”

“I just don’t accept the premise that we MUST curate to this reality! What of the multiverse?!?”


No, they obviously have not asked me to join the team… But they did send me this box to give my honest review so the possibilities are endless!


Cost: 4-7 Lifestyle items for $25 a month and free shipping!

Craftly Subscription Box Review

Craftly Subscription Box Review



Craftly Subscription Box Review

Pintrill – Lemonade Pin: You read it here first when we said pins and patches would be popping up with subscription boxes! I was a bit surprised that I liked this pin and much as I do. I actually LOVE lemons and the juice that comes from them. I am obsessed with them. I will likely have no “teef” left in ten years due to my diet of lemons. Anyway, the pin makes me happy and is perfect for my backpack. Or is I am in the giving mood … maybe to a younger person who the style likely is best rocked…

I think this just gave me a great idea for a Halloween costume! …



36 pieces to go ladies!!!!

Craftly Subscription Box Review

Craftly Subscription Box Review

HI Wildflower – Sandalwood Candle: I love this candle!!! It has a scent that reminds me of my dad when he would get dressed up for a trial (he was a lawyer). He had this whole way of dressing snazzy for court and he would wear a really nice scent. I have to admit my eyes sorta teared up! So I know I can never bring myself to burn it and will have to gift it. I do think that it is rare to have such a male friendly candle in a box and I think that this would be perfect as a stocking stuffer for that masculine individual in your life…

I swear subscriptions will turn you into a candle loving illumination hound! 

Craftly Subscription Box Review

Simple Squares – Cho-Coco Nutrition Bar: Finally a bar that tastes like it says it does. Lately I have been sent so called “chocolate” bars and none of them have been good enough for me to even finish. Just a sad string of failed bars! This little bar is great for a snack and it is not too sweet and not too dry. Pretty much a tasty treat that is also healthy in that it will stop you from cruising through the Taco Bell drive thru with a look of abject shame as you beg for extra “fire sauce.”

Don’t act like you haven’t had to do it!


Craftly Subscription Box Review

Bioelements – Moisture Positive Cleanser: We all know that I hate to use soap to wash my face. I honestly can’t tell you why I have this issue but it is something I am working on. Why? Well because I wear a lot more make up these days, what with all the make up sitting around my place, and my skin wants to breathe! It wants to sing!!! So maybe I will give this a whirl! I also love that it is for dry skin, because you are looking at the dryest blogger this side of the I-5!

Dry…  and I am not talking wit! 


Craftly Subscription Box Review

Verdict: Craftly always sends me an interesting box that I can’t wait to open! I really liked this month because each product was quality and it while some items may find their way in my gift pile, I will be the best Santa the holiday season ever saw! Also, the curation is great for a wide span of tastes and ages. That is such a tough order and Craftly usually does an amazing job. I  just can’t help but dig the items they send because they don’t pop up in other boxes and are a breath of fresh air.

(As an aside, I can’t freakin wait for stuffing!)


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Disclosure: No affiliate links in this post! This box was sent to me for my honest review!


  4 comments for “Craftly Subscription Box Review – September 2016

  1. September 29, 2016 at 9:37 pm

    I loathe stuffing (soggy bread hatred from childhood), but the lemonade pin is cute. I put my PSMH pineapple pin on a cardigan, but I doubt anyone ever sees it!

    • September 30, 2016 at 4:38 pm

      I love the stuff…ha stuffing and stuff! I should send you my pin and then you can wear them were your nips would be on a sweater… I reckon they would be noticed!!! heh!

  2. September 30, 2016 at 8:09 pm

    I read the cleanser as “Most Positive Cleanser” then I hoped it delivered that for you. But alas, it was moisture and not most and my wit went the wrong direction 😉

    • October 1, 2016 at 3:59 pm

      LOL but did it? Still have the wit in every direction!

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