Little Passports Early Explorers Subscription Box Review + Coupon: Celebrations – February 2017

Disclaimer: I paid for this subscription with my own clams. There are affiliate links to this post.

Subscription: Little Passports


Monthly: $17.95 + $3 shipping

6 Months: $95.70 (works out to $16.95 per month)  + $18 shipping

Yearly: $179 (works out to $14.95 per month) + $36 shipping

Code De Jour:

Save $15 on a Year Subscription using the code: LEARN15


Little Passports 101:

There are now FOUR subscriptions to choose from!

Here are the maps from each Welcome Kit for the first three subscriptions from Left to Right:

(1) World Edition (Ages 6 to 10)

(2) USA Edition (Ages 7 to 12)

(3) Early Explorers Edition (Ages 3 to 5)

(4) NEW Science Expeditions (Ages 9+)

The first subscription package you receive is a welcome kit where the child can put his/her goodies in.

And I subscribed to the first three Little Passport Editions using with my own money and I have a backlog of packets to review so you get to decide for yourself if you want to join the fun with your child, niece, nephew, students, or a friend’s wee one.



I digress…

This is a review of the Little Passport Early Explorers “Celebrations” package!

Here are my assistants, my Pnut people.


Squeak, Squeakette, and Pipsqueak!

Squeak and Squeakette as they review past Little Passport goodies and Pipsqueak has started to review the new Little Passports packet.

If Squeak would caption this photo, it would be “WOOOO KIT!!!” (Translation: Look It!)

The special item of Little Passport Celebrations is this Crown Kit. As you can see, Pipsqueak was as happy as can be and really loved working on all these crowns and learning about how different countries have their own special celebrations.


And here is the souvenir picture for Little Passport’s Celebrations fuzzy (above) and up close and personal (below)!

This is pretty and reminds me of Tangled and that light festival scene for the lost princess.


A Little Passport favorite, Flashlight Adventures!

Here is Pipsqueak as she demonstrates how Flashlight Adventures is so awesome.

Here is some photos of Little Passport’s Themed Passport book that is in every Little Passport’s World Early Explorers Edition.

And the finale?

See how fuzzy the above picture is? It is how I feel that this was the only picture I had taken and there was no slapping of this sticker on the luggage. I will have to look into this on the next review we do. I think we must have ran out of space and discussed where to place the sticker and then got distracted.

This could be a true story.

Verdict: A win especially for Pipsqueak. Pipqqueak really enjoyed the World Celebrations Crown Project from coloring and making them into crowns. This packet also inspired us to watch Tangled and eat some Hurricane Popcorn (a Hawaiian treat). Pipsqueak has asked me that she wanted “Little Passports” again because it has been awhile since we reviewed them and she knows we have a treasure trove of them that still need to be opened.

This is an old review that I just pulled up so I can do new reviews upon her request.

The girls have clamored for Little Passports often

so we always set aside some time to open up the Little Passports suitcase to play and learn.

We LOVE Little Passports! I wanted something special that I could have on hand for my Pnut people so I stocked up on the monthly packages. I feel that the price justifies the quality, educating factor, and enjoyment for all.

And luckily both she and you get to see more than one monthly package a month!

If you wish to order a Little Passports for a wee one, click here!

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Do you have a Little Passports subscription? Which review are you looking forward to? Please share with us your thoughts and/or random commentary!

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