EggDrop Subscription Box Review + Coupon – April 2017

Subscription: EGGDROP

Cost: Original 

$16.99/month (originally $19.99 before coupon)

$199.99/year = 12 boxes for the price of 10!

Code Exclusive Only for Subscriptionista Readers:

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What You’re Getting:

A mixture of 6 eggs and blind stuff that should make wee ones go bonkers over. Brands included are Shopkins, Disney Frozen toys, My Little Pony, Pixar toys, Despicable Me, Minions, Angry Birds, Transformers, whatever is popular in YouTubeKids and the Elusive Kinder Egg.

Kick Back and Get Comfortable:

EggDrop in this house is called “mega-treat” and when they see it they clamor for it. Lately, I just have been trying to sneak preliminary pictures without a Squeaker grabbing an item until its time for the official unboxing!

Because Squeakers need their mega-treat no matter what!

First Peek:

And here are my assistants, my Pnut people, the Subscriptionista’s Sqeakers:

Squeak, Squeakette, and Pipsqueak!!!


Flying Hands (one of my favorite moments of photographing my Pnut people)!

And the review begins…

Whisker Haven Palace Pets Pop & Stick Mini Surprise

Whisker Haven Palace Pets Pop & Stick Mini Surprise

I am pretty sure that there was an error in the packing department but I am not complaining because we LOVE Whisker Haven in this house. This double package really gives a “sister” experience. These blind bags contain one suctioned palace pet with one suctioned palace pet accessories and a little stage as a background prop (see below).

Now I have the Whisker Haven theme song stuck in my head…



Disney Tsum Tsum Mystery Pack Pastel Parade!

Disney Tsum Tsum Mystery Pack Pastel Parade!

EggDrop extended the deadline for April delivery to ensure that one could obtain an awesome last minute gift for a wee one’s Easter. So happy to receive this before Easter and EggDrop rocks! we got Eyeore and his tail is so cute with a bow!



B Buddieez Blind Bag

B Buddieez Blind Bag – Cool I hope we get a different set (and we did) as my Squeakers are getting amused when I use these during their snacks/meals on their straws! I was able to put one in a smaller pencil that Pipsqueak had and she was pretty happy to find that discovery/treat!

Note: Squeak went straight for this bag when the EggDrop box was opened!



My Little Pony Trading Card Fun Pack

My Little Pony Trading Card Fun Pack

Oh My Little Pony how we love thee and count the ways. This Fun Pack is pretty neat as it includes more than trading cards . . . it also has stickers, tattoos, and we shall discover what lenticulars and standees are without me googling it during the Squeaker portion of the review!

I will need to google lenticulars and standees as I can’t distinguish by sight. I could be blind. Or old. Or both? Stay tuned as I forget to google here words….



Hello Kitty Eraseez Mystery Pack

Hello Kitty Eraseez Mystery Pack

When one enters Kindergarten, one begins to accumulate an eraser stash.

Such is Pipsqueak.

We received two impressive Hello Kitties in eraser form!

I also think erasers must mate like bunnies they keep multiplying. 




I think my favorite were the Hello Kitty too-pretty-to-erase erasers. And the Squeakers’ happiness. I think EggDrop cam at the perfect time and would definitely make a great Easter gift to any wee one from wee hood to adulthood.

And there is something about the pictures of this particular review. Pipsqueak is growing up. Well they all are. I really enjoy sharing my review of EggDrop with my Pnut people with you as it allows me to capture the wonderment of their childhood. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my reviews as much as I do!


Happiness and a coupon code are PRICELESS!

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What do you think of EggDrop? Share your thoughts and any random commentary below!

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