Love Goodly Subscription Box Review + Coupon – April / May 2017

Love Goodly Subscription Box April / May 2017


Love Goodly



$29.95 bi-monthly auto-renewal subscription (or $35.00 for a one-time gift that does not auto-renewal).


Use LOVEGOODLY5 for $5 off your first box!


As of this post, this box (April / May) is still available!


What You’re Getting:

4-5 mostly full size Eco-Friendly, Vegan and Cruelty-Free Products in categories such as beauty, skincare, style accessory, home accessory, healthy snacks and wellness items. As per their website, the value of each box is estimated to be at least two times the price of the subscription.


Kick Back and Get Comfortable:

Love Goodly is owned by two moms that wanted to use products that were safe for themselves and their family at a reasonable price. Love Goodly was born as a bi-monthly value discovery subscription box service so one can discover nontoxic beauty, eco lifestyle and wellness products. A part of the subscription cost is donated one of these charities: Farm Sanctuary, Cure Cervical Cancer and Beagle Freedom Project!


First Peek:

Beautiful presentation, sturdy box, everything packaged beautifully and carefully…

Love Goodly Subscription Box April / May 2017


One Love Organics Love Springs Eternal Youth Preservation Serum

One Love Organics Love Springs Eternal Youth Preservation Serum – Retail $75

I am a One Love Organics whore and I love anything from this brand.The directions suggest 3-5 pumps but I find that 1 pump to each cheek and schmearing all over ma face works for me. Directions also state to use at night but I might use it in the morning too as I am enjoying this product. It smells between a jasmine and a gardenia and the scent does not last long if you are not into having your face smell like a flower. Note: I got the February Boxwalla box with this serum (which is displayed here with one pump since it is already in use) so I wanted a backup because my wallet would cry at me if I were to purchase this for $75.

Said the blogger who bought 3 Birchbox LE Natural boxes last year mostly just for the One Love Organics body serum.


100% Pure Maracuja Mascara in Black Tea

100% Pure Maracuja Mascara in Black Tea – Retail $25

Since I am expecting my fourth squeaker next month, I have retired out my last non-eco/natural mascara (Urban Decay Perversion from my sub box stash) for this. The reviews read to me that this is like a “wet” mascara that just adds color and some decent “black va-voom”,  does not feel crunchy on the lash (yeah I am a weirdo who touches my mascaraed lashes), and it easily washed off. And smells like the Hawaii passionfruit black tea that I have. It helped that there is a picture of the passion fruit on the packaging to assist me in figuring out which fruit scent I was picking up too lol.

Its only smelly if you put your nose right up to it. Who looks forward to smelly in a good way mascara? I do!


100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask

100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask – Retail $7

I have no clue whether any of these eye masks work. All I know is that when I want a refreshing non-nom treat I take a pair out of the refrigerator (or straight from the delivered-in-cold-vehicle subscription box and slap them on. I find it more easy to go around doing housework with these babies on then a sheet or regular face mask. I did not need to rub the essence into my face when I removed them and I had a “refreshing” feeling for a couple on minutes perhaps an hour or so I do not recall the length.

I need to get back to masking and blogging at the same time. 


PureSol Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Cleansing Sponge

PureSol Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Cleansing Sponge – Retail $13

Ohhhhhh a suctiony thing to attach to the wall! Maybe this will make me use my facial Konjac more!

I thought at first touch that this would be too rough for the face. This DOES feel like a konjac facial sponge when wet, just bigger, and this can be used on the face (do not let the rough look and feel fool you it gets Konjacky soft under water). The suctiony thing will definitely help me out in using these babies!

Not that my Shower Caddy has two hooks (but in my defense one always holds a subscription box Spongelle). Yes, that leaves one hook.


Coupon #1 : Juice Served Here $10 coupon card

Looks great (like seriously hook me up) IF you wanted to order one thing but you need to order a minimum of 8 products :/

Slowly backs away…


Coupon #2 : Mooshoes 15% coupon card

Kinda like vegan food but not into Vegan shoes but sharing just in case you are…

Pnut shares because she cares!


Love Goodly Subscription Box April / May 2017


I am in love with my first Love Goodly box. I love, love, love the value of the box and that all boxes are supposed to be double the value of the subscription. And I am a One Love Organics whore I love anything and everything from that brand.

Also Love Goodly ships bi-monthly. I might have a new subscription box….


If you would like to subscribe to Love Goodly, click here and don’t forget to use code LOVEGOODLY5 for $5 off your first box!


What did you think of Love Goodly’s April / May 2017 box?

Please share your thoughts regarding this box or any other random commentary below!

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Disclaimer: I bought this box with my own clams. There are affiliate links to this post.

  2 comments for “Love Goodly Subscription Box Review + Coupon – April / May 2017

  1. April 13, 2017 at 2:01 pm

    Why are your mascaras retiring for baby-mode? Also! I can’t believe you’re already due next month!!!

    I love eye masks, but I also have no idea if they do anything. I don’t really know that any of my face products are doing much, but I will still continue taking care of my skin =D

    • April 13, 2017 at 2:11 pm

      Oh no my mascaras are not retiring for baby-mode. I am just going to attempt to use my natural/eco stuff for right now. Not that I did not before but I want to at least use my natural products up as a priority.

      Eye masks are like a sweet piece of chocolate. But unlike a piece of chocolate, the refreshing treat lingers longer 😉

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