Rachel Zoe Box of Style Review + Coupon – Spring 2017

Box: Box of Style

Cost: $99 per quarter, $350 per year

Coupon: $10 off your first box!

Description: Every box is filled with fashion, beauty and lifestyle items with Rachel Zoe’s seal of approval.


I do not generally get luxe boxes, so Pop Sugar Must Have is about as fancy as I get. But I absolutely loved the Tribe Alive purse, and when I saw that this box was on sale for $64.99 at Gilt City, I had to have it!

Sidenote: this box’s name is always confusing to me. Is it Box of Style by The Zoe Report?  My sister-in-law was really obsessed by Rachel Zoe for a while, but I’ve never been able to get her into boxes and I don’t think she’d like this one. 

Little presents all wrapped up!


Stella Chalice: promotional

I love the name Stella, and would totally name my future tiny human that, but McBoyfriend asked why I wanted to name a kid after beer. Eyeroll.

Anyway, I got a large Stella chalice a couple years ago at a beer festival, and it’s what I put my summer mixed drinks in, so I was happy to get another. This one is quite a bit smaller, but I love the art on it so that’s okay!!

Tribe Alive Custom Carryall: $238 [links to other TA bags]
I am really picky about purses, and while this Tribe Alive purse does not fit all of my requirements I love the pattern and had to have it once I saw the spoilers. A couple months ago PSMH sent out a small clutch with a similar pattern, and while I love the pattern I’m not crazy about the stiff zipper or lack of pockets and handles.

My purse requirements include a/n:

  • strap and/or handles
  • easily accessible inner cell phone pocket
  • zipper pocket for lady things and lint-encrusted gum
  • small to medium sized body that can only hold so many receipts, napkins, and other detritus that obscures my keys
  • structure so the purse can stand on its own.

Does this purse fit that? Almost. The two things I dislike most are the extremely stiff crappy zipper and the stiff handles/strap. Semi bothersome is how high up the pockets are, making it difficult to retrieve my phone and lip products. What I love is that my boyfriend tells me how much he loves my purse every time I use it! I’m a <$30  purse kind of gal, and he’s always dated girls with name brand purses, so I think he likes my small stab at that!

Hint: someone suggested on the MSA forums to Scotch Guard the sh*t out of this white purse, and spray I did!! I think it’s doing well so far.

Butter London Nail Polish in Piece of Cake: $18

Whoa, this listing on Amazon has this cool feature where you can click on a skintone and see the nailpolishes on different shades of hands! #win


I dislike this color and the application is streaky. Pffffbt.

Adornmonde Ivo Silver Geometric Ear Jackets: $62

I was quite happy to have a metal choice! I’m a silver or rose gold fan, so I went with silver. While I usually avoid buying earrings due to my metal allergy, these brass plated and nickel-free “ear jackets” have not caused my ears to start itching yet.

They hang funny on me, and I’m the teeniest bit self-conscious about my earlobes that are different lengths, so I’ll just stand with my head perpetually semi-cocked to one side so no one notices… =)

Bkr Water Bottle: $35, 500ml, “Inspired by hotel suite bathrobes, sitting in your favorite tree for hours observing a flock of pink flamingos while wearing only your favorite glam-rock boots, nothing contrived. It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. *Opaque light chocolate milk nude.”

What an absolutely pretentious water bottle. A “beauty essential”? Come on, just drink water. I constantly need water, but this is crazy static-tastic and I tend to hate anything “nude/naked” on principle.

Symbology Scarf: $50

This is gorgeous!

Screen printed, and a smaller piece that fit around my neck though I like the idea of tying it to a purse. It must be an “exclusive” item because there is nothing similar on the Symbology site.

Tatcha Polished Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder: $65 for 2.1oz, “Exfoliates and tones without harsh abrasives for smooth, bright, baby-soft skin.”

I have never used Tatcha before, but Sub Bella loves it and would often review it [I also love the gorgeous packaging], so I was excited to get some!

I have way too many face masks, cleansers, creams, and balms right now so this is in my wait pile. Though it’s been bumped to next up 😚, especially since the Tatcha website thoughtfully put a really quick how-to video on the page for this!

This definitely fell out of the tree while I was photographing it…

Pretty good haul!


Verdict: I bought this box thinking I would only use the purse and the water bottle. After receiving the box, I like everything but the nail polish and the water bottle. This was an excellent investment, and while I will be cancelling after this spring box, I look forward to a future reduced price purchase!

Plus, everything fits in my new purse! I’ll just put some vodka in the “water bottle” and take the chalice out for some classy day drinking in my stylish new apparel.

What do you think? Let us know below!

PS: let me know if you would like a $50 code to use in the Zoe Report store. It has to be used on a full price item.


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Disclosure: I purchased this box at a discounted price with my own moolah. If you use my discount code, you will get $10 off your first box.

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  1. April 12, 2017 at 8:52 pm

    Awesome review (yeah I’ve got so many to catch up on!) crap now I’m sad I didn’t get this box! You made even the scarf look great… sorcerer!!!

    • April 12, 2017 at 9:02 pm

      I think you can still get it (I am such an enabler)

  2. April 12, 2017 at 9:01 pm

    OMG guilty as charged lol!

    I LOVE your pictures with the nature in the background and that scarf really does pop!!!

    Enjoy Zoe hopefully next month will call out to me!


    • April 12, 2017 at 9:17 pm

      Hahaha, and that’s the other thing–I bet I’d constantly have people shouting at Stella >0<

  3. Elizabeth
    April 12, 2017 at 10:36 pm

    Great review! I have some major life changes happening, so I had to cancel my Box of Zoe for a while. Woven bags scare me. I’m so afraid of accidentally catching it on something. I have that same clutch you mentioned, which I need to take out for a test drive. Carefully!

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