Imperfect Produce Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Week of April 19, 2018

Box: Imperfect Produce (this link gives you $10 and me $10 when you sign up)!


Contents: Perfect and fresh but allegedly ugly looking produce that the experts select so you can save money and not leave your home.

1 in 5 fruits and veggies grown in the U.S. don’t meet cosmetic standards and go to waste! Imperfect Produce changes this and you get the savings and the freshness!

This is awesome considering that I pay good money for pretty produce that goes bad quickly before Imperfect Produce came into my life.


Frequency: Once a week or every other week, a box(es) will be delivered as per your instructions during a specific time frame on a certain day of the week. You are able to customize your box within a few days window prior to your delivery. You are also able to skip up to three weeks (or email for longer than three weeks to be accommodated).

Spoilers/Customization yes please! We know I don’t like surprises for there most part!

Cost: Imperfect Produce has Four selections with different sizes. These prices may be different in your area.

Also just know that box will generate a box/size value and you can raise/lower the final price via customization (you can also add on Organic produce without selecting the Organic boxes). 

(1) Organic (Box Price Range is from 7 pounds at $15 to 25 pounds at $43)

Organic Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

(2) Mixed Fruit and Veggie (Box Price Range is from 7 pounds at $11 to 25 pounds at $27)

Mixed Fruit and Veggie Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

(3) All Fruit (Box Price Range is from 7 pounds at $11 to 13 pounds at $16)

All Fruit Sizes: Small and Medium

(4) All Veggie (Box Price Range is from 7 pounds at $11 to 13 pounds at $16)

All Veggie Sizes: Small and Medium

Note: You may eligible for a reduced cost box if you qualify for SNAP/EBT/Food Stamps. You will need to apply and fill out a questionnaire upon signing up.


Shipping: There is a $2.99 to $4.99 flat ship rate irregardless of how many boxes are ordered for a chosen week. Imperfect Produce in continually updating its location areas but as of this post it serves the entire Bay Area in California; Los Angeles, CA; Orange County, CA; Portland, OR Metro Area; Seattle, WA Metro Area (includes Tacoma); and Chicago, IL Metro Area. NEW LOCATION LATE APRIL: Indianapolis, IN 🙂

Note: My area customization began at Monday 3PM and closed Tuesday at 11:59PM with a Thursday delivery. Another friend who lives near me has a different schedule and her delivery date is Monday. 


I went to customize my box on Monday evening (my customization opens at Monday at 3PM) and everything was already set for me with the price point for the Extra Large Mixed Fruit and Veggie. Now that I am getting used to ordering from Imperfect, I first go through what is in my box and remove items that my family really does not eat (e.g. sweet potatoes and usually lettuce not really a fan of foliage) and already have (onions and potatoes). I then go through what is offered and get at least one of what I want. Then I look at the new invoice and adjust accordingly.


This week had grapes and I ordered two helpings. The first week I had Imperfect I ordered grapes. The grapes looked funny but they tasted MARVELOUS!!! Also, I am one of those peeps that try a grape at the store but usually sometimes maybe I just picked the best grape of the bunch and the rest did not taste as good. These imperfect grapes were sweet everyone of them.

So I save money in that I am not wasting paying for grapes that are ok. I have Imperfect to pick the juiciest and nommiest produce so I do not need play produce roulette. 


So here is my order for this week:

Product IL Grocery Tax (1%) Quantity
Mixed Fruit & Veggie Box 1% 1
    Conventional Baby Avocados (3 ct) 1% 2
    Conventional Blood Oranges (2 ct) 1% 2
    Conventional Grapes (1ct) 1% 2
    Conventional Green Onion Bunch (1 ct) 1% 2
    Conventional Kale Bunch (1 ct) 1% 1
    Conventional Pears (2 ct) 1% 1
    Conventional Valencia Oranges (2 ct) 1% 1
    Earth Month Week Three: Recover 1
    Mesrobian Farms Black Maroo Raisins (1lb) 1% 1


Here are some picts of how I used last week’s Imperfect Order:

Imperfect Produce

OMGoodness gracious how cute are these baby avocados? Just a sprinkling of salt and NOM!

Here are the fancy cubanelle peppers getting some color. I was going to use these peppers as Exhibit A (why we can only get 2 pepper plants for the garden plot because my husband forgets to eat the peppers) but he actually did use them (by not putting them in the freezer).
I have green bean issues apparently. 

I digress,

let’s go back to this week’s delivery!


Anyways, here is my box!

Imperfect Produce
Imperfect Produce
Imperfect Produce
Imperfect Produce
Imperfect Produce


I HEART Imperfect Produce. I snapped up 2 orders of grapes because Imperfect knows what they are doing and nommy grapes go real fast in this household. Also, I loved the offering of a different type of raisin (Black Maroo Raisins) that is no longer really offered since most of our raisins sold are of one single variety type. The raisins were plump, flavorful, and fresh! We are also in love with the fancy baby avocados because they are different from the common Hass avocado and we love sampling different varieties of avocado. Lastly, yes please to blood oranges being offered this week as they are fancy and nommy and saves us money from going to a fancy place that sells fancy blood red oranges (I am looking at you Whole Paycheck). We look forward to broiling the onion bunches and making kale chips.

I am making less last waste in the world and I get another subscription box fix that I can customize.


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Do you order your produce via CSA, a farmer’s market, or Imperfect Produce?

Share anything on your mind no matter how random below!


Disclaimer: I bought this box with my own clams. There are referral links in this post.



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