Imperfect Produce Subscription Box Review + Coupon – September 2019

Imperfect Produce

PSA:  Imperfect Produce now has eggs and dairy (Milk, Half and Half, and Cheese)!!!


Box: Imperfect Produce (this link gives you $20 and me $20 when you sign up)!


Contents: Perfect and fresh but allegedly ugly looking produce that the experts select so you can save money and not leave your home.

1 in 5 fruits and veggies grown in the U.S. don’t meet cosmetic standards and go to waste! Imperfect Produce changes this and you get the savings and the freshness!

This is awesome considering that I pay good money for pretty produce that goes bad quickly before Imperfect Produce came into my life.


Frequency: Once a week or every other week, a box(es) will be delivered as per your instructions during a

Also just know that the standard choices will generate a box/size value and you can raise/lower the final price via customization (you can also add on Organic produce without selecting the Organic boxes). 


TIP: To keep it simple I highly suggest you order the Small Mixed Produce Box. 

This is because you will want all the things and the box starts small where you can customize it with organic (or not) fruit, veggies, dairy, and sundries. 

You know start low, evaluate, and then get what you need and hope what you want will be available next delivery window!

This is what I do during FabFitFun sales. 


Note: You may eligible for a reduced cost box if you qualify for SNAP/EBT/Food Stamps. You will need to apply and fill out a questionnaire upon signing up.


Shipping: There is a $2.99 to $4.99 flat ship rate irregardless of how many boxes are ordered for a chosen week.

Imperfect Produce in continually updating its location areas but as of this post it definately serves the following areas in most of California (I see Sacramento to the North and San Diego to the South); Seattle, Washington; Portland-Eugene area in Oregon; Houston, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antonio in Texas; Washington DC; Baltimore in Maryland; Newark, New Jersey; Harford, Connecticut; Philly in PA; Cleveland, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana; Detroit in Michigan; Minneapolis/St Paul in Minnosota; Kansas City and St. Louis in Missouri; Milwaukee and Madison in Wisconsin; and good ol Chicago, IL!

Once you sign up, imput your zip code and Imperfect Produce will let you know or should send you an email once your zip code is being serviced! Imperfect Produce is focusing on opening its nominess to New York soon!


As a general note, all of my customize boxes end up between $20-$25 (because budget)

Imperfect Produce

Imperfect ProduceSo here is my order  You are able to customize your box within a few days window prior to your delivery. You are also able to skip up to three weeks (or email for longer than three weeks to be accommodated).

Spoilers/Customization yes please! We know I don’t like surprises for there most part!

Imperfect Produce
Imperfect Produce
Imperfect Produce
Imperfect Produce
Imperfect Produce
Imperfect Produce
Imperfect Produce
Imperfect Produce
Imperfect Produce


I am so happy that eggs have finally made an appearance! Farm fresh and free range ones in fact! They taste delicious!

Huevos for the win!

The mandarins were gone that day! I saved the uncut plums for the next day and they were gone as well! The butter is wonderful and it was perfect timing because I keep forgetting to get the occasional KerryGold via Costco. The mozzarella was yummy I wonder if I will get more cheese offerings since I live close to Wisconsin. I love the colors of the Pearl Couscous and it tasted nommy (A digression if you love couscous that you need to try Trader Joe’s whole wheat cous cous it tastes marvelous)!

I will see about posting more on Imperfect Produce but it may just be a random item (I have a backlog of Home Chef recipes to post on as well). I was so excited about the dairy and egg products and I had to share my excitement with you!!!


If you would like $20 off your first Imperfect Produce order click here!

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Do you order your produce via CSA, a farmer’s market, or Imperfect Produce?

Share anything on your mind no matter how random below!


Disclaimer: I bought our boxes with my own clams. There are referral links in this post.



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  1. Ake
    September 22, 2019 at 9:29 am

    If Imperfect Produce keeps going like this, pretty soon they’ll become a full grocery delivery service!

    • September 22, 2019 at 10:59 am

      That would work out for me! I always wanted to do Peapod but its so overwhelming!

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