Taco Bout It Tuesday: And Taco Tuesday It Shall Be!


Are you PUMPED!?!


Fans of The Handmaid’s Tale would totes know what I am talking about.

The sequel, The Testaments, is arriving today!


What does this do for you?

It gives me excitement that I cannot goto sleep and must blog.


I am so excited that I had no clue on what I would make for dinner on Monday

but I for sure knew that we would have Tacos on Tuesday!


This excitment also allowed me to sneak into Imperfect Produce because my customization opens on Mondays and OMGoodness there will be a review!

Noms lead to more thoughts about other noms. 

Join me on board the Imperfect Produce wagon (this link gives you $10 and me $10 when you sign up)!

You want to know why!?!

PSA: Because Dairy and Eggs are now available… and not just any eggs my loves…

One Dozen (12 lovely huevos) Farmers Hen House 100 percent USDA Certified Organic Eggs for $2.99!!!!!!!


In my past  Imperfect Produce, I have always lamented that this subscription would be so perfect if they had eggs.

And now another one of my subscription box wishes has come true!


Do you have anything to Taco Bout It Tuesday? Will you be having Tacos this Tuesday? Will you reading anything like The Testaments on Taco Tuesday that you want to Taco Bout It?


Spill below the deets or anything random.

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Disclosure: These boxes were purchased hopefully with a code(s). There are no referral/affiliate links in this post.



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