Taco Bout It Tuesday: Black Friday Week

Happy Taco Tuesday! I had the opportunity on the beginning of Black Friday week to stop at a big box store and I remembered and left with 10 packets of Old El Paso.

I think I might be able to keep this Taco Tuesday gig.


So now Black Friday is really Black Friday week!

Which makes temptation strong and the wallet weak.


I fended off the second FabFitFun Add On and the Boxy Pop Up sales. But I will stalk the Boxy Pop Up on the last day of the sale I heard they lower prices on the last day. I think I was able to purchase at the first sale because my items have not sold out.

That and I have persistent refresh skills.


My Sub Box Gameplan As Follows:

I might sign up for Allure 3 month deal on Cyber Monday. And maybe the special PopSugar box on Black Friday. I passed on the 1st November GMA deal box but there should be a second box as two boxes were promised to pop up in November.


And all through this online window shopping I still have Squeakette squeaking at me! Squeakette is my sub box assistant.

Squeakette knows that I have reviews to post and she is definitely right!


What are your Black Friday plans? Any damage you want to share? Please comment on the above or anything random below.


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  7 comments for “Taco Bout It Tuesday: Black Friday Week

  1. Onderria
    November 26, 2019 at 8:23 pm

    Yay deals! My splurge was Bombay and Cedar for 3 months because I’m poor and can’t spend $1000+ on random boxes like last year when I was on surgery meds I did buy three pairs of mystery socks from Untold Rebel, which I helped Kickstart last year. They are really nice.

    • Ake
      November 27, 2019 at 1:13 am

      Ooh… That’s a lot more than I usually pay for socks. Are they worth the price?

    • November 27, 2019 at 3:55 am

      Your sock obsession is like my pouch obsession! How do they compare to your beloved Bombas?

  2. Ake
    November 27, 2019 at 1:11 am

    I probably won’t buy them, but I’m super excited to find out about the Popular collaboration boxes!

    My big Black Friday purchase is going to be a new tote bag for work from Dagne Dover. I just can’t decide if I want ash blue or oxblood….

    • November 27, 2019 at 3:50 am

      I was not familiar with the collaboration brand and looked it up. It’s definately going to depend on what products are in the box. Thank goodness (I hope) it is not featured as a mystery box.

      The darker color Oxblood for your work tote! That’s because I am not careful with my bags as I should be and stains are attracted to me. Both colors are lovely 🙂

      Thanks for commenting Ake! I wanna know what you choose hope both are on sale at the same price!

      • Ake
        November 27, 2019 at 9:57 am

        I took your advice and went for oxblood! I’m really hoping it’s colorful enough to be interesting, but boring enough to be work appropriate.

        The Popsugar boxes were exactly what I expected: really nice, and completely unnecessary for someone who subscribed to Margot Elena for a year and now has a lifetime supply of nice smelling, but not always practical products. I’ll live vicariously through everyone else.

        • November 28, 2019 at 7:09 am

          Yea! It’s definately beautiful! Conservative but it is a pop of color it will go beautifully with its owner 😉 Enjoy it!

          Yes I think if the wood scented box were another scent, I would be more interested. But I need to be good so my candle/scent/home money goes to Bath and Body Works Candle Day (it’s next week not this weekend).

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