Taco Bout It Tuesday: The Allure of Allure

Squeakette wants to Taco Bout It!

Squeakette wants me to do a review, any review.

So she will accept another mini-review.


And Squeakette may be right about me not doing all the reviews but Aunts Fever and Vomit made a brief encore.

And I have been cloistering myself wrapping presents for them Squeakers!


At this point I still have Squeakette’s Grove on standby and this Allure review would take up a lot of time so I will do a mini-review (of the Allures of course).

I have been Allured. 


I digress, let me allure you too!


First, the palette is bigger than what I expected (Allure Box for scale)!

That’s what she said!

Allure Beauty Subscription Box – December 2019

These swatches are sheer, so you need to use a face and/or eye primer.

Even though you cannot see, I used a face primer from BoxyCharm (Glassy something) vertically on the left with an eye primer (Smashbox 24 Hour) vertically on the center. I did two conservative (not heavy-handed) swipes of each color horizontally.

Basically, you can only really tell the color differences up close and personal. I doubt Anathasia herself would be “Shut The Front Door, your Blue Moon is the bomb!”


And as a sidenote, Smashbox 24 Hour Eye Primer is now my HG.

Plus it is in a tube form and I don’t have to struggle with getting product out like Urban Decay’s Primer Potion!


It has been hours since I did this swatch and I still have a line of highlight.

It’s melded but it’s still there!


The other item that is the same in both boxes is the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel. I have sampled this before and use it when I want to be really fancy or get my full face on. If I ever run out (which I doubt), I would probably just purchase Maybelline’s clear mascara.

But I won’t. My eyebrows seem to stay put and not be disheveled like the rest of me. 


Lastly, there are two color variations of the lippy. Each box had a different color. I have not looked into the lippies it may just go in the gift pile because I heard the formulas are drying.

I don’t mind the 90s colors, just the high maintenance.

I don’t have time to prime and prep my lips for a lippy.

I must love ma face and eyes better I guess. 


Ok let’s do the battle between ordering via The Amazon and directly via Allure!

I bought the Amazon Cyber Monday half off ($7.50) special. I believe that this offer was only for first time subscribers.

This box has my HG Shampoo that I have received in subscription boxes and have bought a full size (with Nordstrom’s points it was “free” the full size baby is $50 something)!

I am also happy to try a full size FAB moisturizer!

I also bought on Sunday, December 1st, Allure’s Cyber Monday 3 month sub with a bundle.

I got the free mini eraser in my box because I was a new subscriber. Which was not planned.

Had I not been sleeping or thinking correctly, I should have saved this email addy for something good. I don’t think these MakeUp Erasers work. Don’t get me started on Norwex. I need more than water.

I actually used a new email because on my old email (that I re-sub and un-sub to) I was half-asleep and my credit card got declined (I thought it was fraud or sleeping and my credit card company told me I forgot to put the year, date, and the three digit code). Because my credit card decline, Allure somehow locked that email address from re-trying another credit card.

I also thought it was Monday but it was really Sunday.

Anyway, Allure delivered the Cyber Monday bundled and I received what they said I would receive!

Because I really wanted the Cyber Monday bundle and it made up for the sad variations that I received in the December box!


So I preferred the Amazon box over purchasing the one from Allure directly. However, via Allure I got a rockin bundle!

It’s a draw!


Did you buy any doubles lately?

Feel free to comment on the above or anything random below!

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Disclosure: I bought these boxes being awake and able to put in the correct payment method. There are no referral/affiliate links to this post. 


  4 comments for “Taco Bout It Tuesday: The Allure of Allure

  1. SusieA
    December 17, 2019 at 6:51 am

    Allure doesn’t like me. I’ve tried to order twice. Both times they took the money out of my account and sent me a receipt. Then, both times, they credited the money back to my bank without ever saying anything. At first, I was confused. Then mad and confused. Now? Well, I’m just taking it as fate telling me that I don’t need anymore makeup. Or skincare. Or anything, really. I hope y’all are all feeling much better!

    • December 17, 2019 at 9:01 am

      I think your Allure is my Zoe Box Of Style. After 2 (maybe 3 I think 2) years I ended my annual sub. I ALWAYS had issues re-subbing and un-subbing and had to deal with CS. I actually had a CS rep to call me personally one time which was nice!

      I think both subs are glitchy. Have you called Allure? I have dealt with them many times and I only had one bad experience. The CS number is 800 274 1603.

      Or you can order via The Amazon. Once my order shipped I canceled the sub. I swear I really have to be tempted to purchase something outside Amazon because I fear bad CS. Well I am inclined to do Target dot com I digress.

      The Squeakers are doing better. I had the little one (feverless but clingy) on my lap taking pictures and blogging. I would have added more content but I just did what I could do at the moment being under lap arrest!

  2. Onderria
    December 17, 2019 at 1:49 pm

    Sometimes I miss that box, but those eyeshadow colors are not for me. I do love my Anastasia eyebrow pencil though!!! I had my sister buy me several before she quit Nordstrom. Also, the makeup erasers are amazing!!! I love mine so much and I’m always amazed by how well it cleans with just water.

    • December 17, 2019 at 9:39 pm

      I must be a wimp when I wash ma face. I use mice water afterwards and no matter what cleanser and/or towel I use, I still have gunk on the cotton pad.

      Your sister used to work at Nordies? Did she have a ton of gratis!?! I heard they give tons of samples if you shop at the store. I only order online the reason I got my Nordies card was for some x,y,z offer at the Nordies Rack cash register years ago if I signed up for a card.

      I like Anathasia’s tweezers most of all I think they are much more superior to Tweezerman. But I prefer her eyebrow powder compact over the browwiz. I think I like using an angle brush over the spoolie thingie.

      Did you see the January Allure spoilers? More alluring for you to re-sub?

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