Taco Bout It Tuesday: Green Whaaa!?! And Candle Day!!!

Green Monday = Crickets mostly in sub box world. The codes are ending *sniffs*

Maybe back in the day Green Monday was a thing but I hardly saw anything drop as low as Cyber Monday.


I think Birchbox is pretending to have a blow out Green Monday sale.

This means that Birchbox made it a little easier to navigate and appropriately apply the promised discount from the same glitchy sale that has been going on the past few weeks.


Cyber Monday is where it is at. Usually.

What do you think is better Black Friday or Cyber Monday?


I digress, let me go back to blogging about sub boxes:

Me: Slowly making progress in that Grove review. And the Beautyfix full review.

But I got ma Taco Tuesday A Game!!!


Squeakette knows these boxes coming in are mostly subscription boxes and she is kinda right.

But in my defense, all the Squeakers are currently stabilized somewhat in coughing mode.

Which is an improvement from fever and/or puking mode.


I must digress again!

What is Pnut without digressing random stuff anyway? Not Pnut that is for sure!


Anyone bought anything from Bath and Body Works Candle Day? I bought 15 online and I still rue the day that I told Onderria when I said that I didn’t want to pay shipping for the convenience so I didn’t buy any candles on Candle Day.

Onderria is wiser and was totally steps ahead of me. Because convenience is everything to me right now!


I temper my BBW candle day obsession by also buying in bulk Soy Delicious Candles in the Spring when they have sales.

Because most things that bring happiness also could cause/correlate with medical issues. 

PSA Soy Delicious candles are currently being sold on GMADeals.com!

I would totes buy but I still haven’t used up the candles from the last GMADeals sale. But I am totes out of BBW Candles sooo…


I digress, there is a I Mom So Hard Video when the mom says “What else good do you want to take away from me… carbs… joy!?!” You don’t have to be a mom to appreciate but have a BFF that knows all the truths about you. Here is the hilarious and perhaps hold on to your pearls video here!

I feel that momma who is good during the day and hoovers calories at night. That is me especially with leftover pasta.


So I add my candle guilt with my slowness in posting reviews guilt with my momma guilt.

But I get to blog Taco Tuesdays on the regular with you!!! And that definitely sparks joy and no guilt! 


What is your smelly weakness? Candles, tarts, body lotion/creams, perfumes, essential oils?

All of the above?

Please comment on the above or anything random below!

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