Taco Bout It Tuesday: Stay-At-Home eased with Subscription Boxes

Hello! *virtually waves and hugs you all*   Firstly, today is not Taco Tuesday. Tacos have been delayed until tomorrow. Delays abound.   So despite being a Stay-At-Home mom I am now an assistant teacher of three school age children in our new Stay-At-Home world. The school district has given my girls a ton of online apps and activities. If… Read more →

Taco Bout It Tuesday: The Allure of Allure

Squeakette wants to Taco Bout It! Squeakette wants me to do a review, any review. So she will accept another mini-review.   And Squeakette may be right about me not doing all the reviews but Aunts Fever and Vomit made a brief encore. And I have been cloistering myself wrapping presents for them Squeakers!   At this point I still… Read more →